GN Solids Premixing Tank

GN Solids Control is especially good at providing customized solutions for solids and liquid separation. Thousands of GN Solids standard treating equipment like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cuttings dryer, mud cleaner are widely used. GN Solids Control also manufactures auxiliary treating unit like premixing treating tank, which can be used to premix the high density or large viscosity oil slurry before feeding into shaker or decanter centrifuge.
Heating pipes and mud agitators are assembled on the premixing tank to dilute the slurry and keep the oil slurry from sediment. A submersible pump or screw pump will be used to feed to the backwards shaker or centrifuge. Here is one inquiry we just received for our Mexico customer.

In Mexico, I have suggested to them to add a mixing tank to their soil washing system. Please prepare a quotation for me to present to them.
The tank is similar to other tanks that you have prepared quotations.
Mixing tank with two mixers, submersible pump with shale shaker (single deck) mounted on top of mixing tank.
I am interested in keeping the height of the mixing tank as low as possible.
I want your submersible slurry pump GN80YZ50A-20 (7.5 kW) that is 1.3 meters long.
Is it possible to make the tank approximately 4.5 meter long x 2.4 meter wide by 1.5 meter high?
Because of the length of the tank, use two mixers if you think it is necessary to keep the tank well mixed.
On top of the tank, a shale shaker (GNZ703F-HB) will be used as a scalping screen for the incoming slurry flow into the mixing tank. 850 micron screens or 1,000 micron screens will be used.
An electrical panel for start/stop of the shale shaker, mixers and pump. Also, a tank level control transmitter to control the submersible pump. Ladder, railings and lights included. All electrical is 480 volt and 60 hertz.

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