GN Oil Slurry Treating Unit

GN Solids Control is especially good at providing tailored solids control and waste management treating systems. Now GN Solids Control has provided equipment for customers from over seventy countries. Every year, over hundreds of customized solids and liquid separation equipment are provided.
Just take the oil slurry treating unit for an example, GN oil slurry treating equipment is mainly used to treat high density and high viscosity sludge like refinery plant oil sludge, oil tank sludge etc. Here is one inquiry we months ago for one Canada customer. Inclined Plate Clarifier
We as a company are in a process to submit an offer economic to the customer. Basically we have the need to manage waste generated in a heavy crude treatment plant, on the one hand we want to make the separation of solids in petrol sands approximately 660 Bls / D. We must also manage the production water and carry out the separation of the crude present in it, we should manage approximately 7200 Bls / D.
As mentioned previously, we are in the process of presenting an offer economic and I wanted to know the approximate cost of these equipment, and that can handle these proportions of waste.
I was reviewing the general brochure that you sent me and I thought of a system in series or parallel of equipment: Inclined Plate Clarifier and Oil Water Separator. I would like to know if it is possible to use it from this way, if you know of a project similar to the one I am mentioning, or if you can give me a better option for this.
According to the data that I was reviewing and the Data Sheet’s of the equipment I think it would be useful for me: Inclined Plate Clarifier 35 m3 / h and Oil Water Separator 98 m3 / h.

des oil water separator 1
Based on customer’s above demands, we provided one set of oil sludge treating unit.

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