GN Solids Control supplied 1,500 HP Drilling Mud Solids Control System Exported to Africa Project Supplied

Project Background:

With the continuous global demand for oil resources, oil exploration and drilling activities in Africa have become increasingly frequent. To meet the demand for efficient and reliable solids control systems in Africa, GN Solids Control has introduced the 1,500 HP drilling mud solids control system and successfully exported it to Africa.

Project Content:

The system primarily consists of shale shakers, mud cleaners, centrifuges, and other key equipment, possessing powerful solid-liquid separation capabilities. It can effectively remove solid particles from drilling mud, improving the recovery rate of drilling mud.

GN Solids Control’s shale shakers employ motors from renowned brands such as OLI (Italy) or Martin (USA), with heat-treated screens and a vibration intensity of up to 8.0G, meeting the requirements of various working conditions.

The mud cleaners integrate desander and desilter functions, achieving secondary and tertiary treatment of drilling mud for improved processing effects.

As one of the core equipment in the system, the centrifuge removes ultra-fine unwanted solids from drilling mud, enhancing the purity of the mud.

Project Characteristics:

High efficiency: The system boasts high solid-liquid separation capabilities, significantly improving the recovery rate of drilling mud.

Environmental friendliness: By reducing the discharge of drilling waste, it minimizes environmental pollution and complies with environmental protection requirements.

Reliability: The use of quality motors and electrical components ensures the stability and reliability of the system, reducing the failure rate.

Project Significance:

The successful implementation of this project not only demonstrates GN Solids Control’s professional technical strength in the field of solids control but also further enhances the company’s competitiveness in the international market.

For oil exploration and drilling activities in Africa, this system provides advanced solids control solutions, helping improve drilling efficiency, reduce drilling costs, and promote local economic development.

Through the successful implementation of this project, GN Solids Control will continue to provide high-performance solids control solutions for the global oil and gas exploration, drilling, and mining industries, driving the sustainable development of the industry.