22-inch Large Bowl Centrifuge Delivered To Overseas Customers By GN Solids Control

Recently, we are pleased to announce that GN Solids Control has successfully shipped a 22-inch large bowl centrifuge to overseas customers. The successful export of GN Solids Control’s 22-inch large bowl centrifuge not only further consolidated our cooperation with overseas customers but also enhanced GN Solids Control’s influence and competitiveness in the international market.

We firmly believe that with the launch of more high-quality products and the upgrading of services, GN Solids Control will create even more brilliant achievements in the global solid control equipment market.

As a leader in the solid control equipment industry, GN Solids Control has always upheld the philosophy of innovation, efficiency, and reliability, providing high-quality products and professional services to global customers. The 22-inch large bowl centrifuge shipped to overseas customers is a concentrated embodiment of GN Solids Control’s technical strength.

This centrifuge boasts excellent processing capabilities and stable performance, easily handling solid-liquid separation needs in various complex production processes. Through precise control and optimized design, it achieves efficient separation results, bringing significant production and economic benefits to customers.

To meet the strict requirements of overseas customers for product quality and delivery time, GN Solids Control has specially strengthened quality control and logistics management. Before shipment, we conducted comprehensive inspections and tests on the centrifuge to ensure that all performance parameters meet standards. At the same time, we provided customers with detailed operation manuals and maintenance guidelines to ensure they can easily operate and fully utilize its performance advantages.

To ensure that the centrifuge can safely and smoothly reach overseas customers, we closely communicated and collaborated with logistics companies. We selected reliable transportation methods and routes, and professionally packaged and fixed the centrifuge to ensure it would not be damaged during long-distance transportation.

This milestone event not only demonstrates GN Solids Control‘s exceptional technical strength in the solid control equipment industry, but also further proves our commitment to serving global customers.

In the future, GN Solids Control will continue to uphold the philosophy of innovation, efficiency, and reliability, continuously developing and producing more high-quality solid control equipment. We are committed to providing global customers with even better services to meet their diverse needs. Let us work together to create a better future!