GN Solids Control announced the successful delivery of two sets of 500GPM mud recovery systems to clients in Argentina.

Recently, GN Solids Control, a leading domestic manufacturer of solid control equipment, announced the successful delivery of two sets of 500GPM (approximately 113.6mĀ³/h) mud recovery systems to clients in Argentina. This transaction not only underscores GN Solid Control‘s robust competitiveness in the international market but also further consolidates the company’s leading position in the fields of trenchless construction and drilling mud treatment.

Project Background

With the continuous advancement of global infrastructure construction, trenchless technologies and drilling operations have been widely applied in emerging market countries such as Argentina. These projects have imposed higher demands on mud treatment equipment, requiring both efficient processing capabilities and environmentally friendly solutions. GN Solid Control, with its advanced technology and rich experience, has successfully won the favor of Argentinean clients.

System Overview

GN Solid Control’s mud recovery system is specifically designed to handle mud generated during drilling and trenchless construction processes. Through a series of advanced mechanical structures and processes, the system purifies, separates, and recovers mud, enabling multiple reuses, reducing construction costs, and meeting environmental protection requirements.

System Composition

GN Solid Control‘s mud recovery system typically comprises the following main components:

Vibrating Screen:

As the first step in mud purification, the vibrating screen separates large solid particles from the mud through high-frequency vibrations. Made of high-quality materials, GN Solid Control‘s vibrating screens are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and capable of stable long-term operation.


After passing through the vibrating screen, the mud enters the desander, where sand and other medium-sized solid particles are further separated through hydrocyclone separation principles. The efficient operation of the desander significantly improves mud cleanliness.


As one of the core components, the centrifuge separates tiny solid particles from the liquid phase through centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. GN Solid Control‘s centrifuges are precision-machined with CNC equipment and undergo multiple dynamic balancing treatments to ensure stable operation at high speeds.

Electrical Control System:

The electrical control system automates and monitors the entire mud recovery system. Employing renowned electrical components (e.g., Siemens or Schneider), GN Solid Control‘s system is explosion-proof, weatherproof, and dustproof, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments.

Other Auxiliary Equipment:

Including jet mixing devices, mud storage tanks, pumps, etc., these devices collaborate to complete mud recovery, preparation, and transportation tasks.

System Features

High-Efficiency Processing:

GN Solid Control’s mud recovery system boasts powerful processing capabilities, quickly separating solid particles from mud, enhancing recovery and reuse rates.

Environmental Protection and Energy Saving:

The system adopts advanced purification processes and energy-saving designs, reducing waste discharge and energy consumption, in line with environmental regulations.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance:

The modular design ensures a compact structure and straightforward operation. GN Solid ControlĀ provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales services, ensuring timely and professional assistance during use.

Customized Services:

GN Solid Control also offers customized mud recovery systems tailored to clients’ specific needs, meeting unique project requirements.

Application Areas

GN Solid Control‘s mud recovery systems are widely used in various fields, including oil drilling, trenchless horizontal directional drilling, coalbed methane drilling, large, medium, and small-scale shield tunneling projects, water and geothermal wells, mining exploration, and more. Their efficiency, environmental friendliness, and ease of operation have earned recognition and praise from numerous clients.

In conclusion, GN Solid Control‘s mud recovery system is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly mud treatment solution with broad application prospects across multiple industries.