GN Solid Control’s GNLW364 Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge: A Reliable Assistant for Overseas Crystallized Salt Dehydration Projects

With the rapid development of the global chemical industry, the demand for efficient and stable solid-liquid separation equipment is increasing. GN Solid Control, a leader in the field of solid-liquid separation, has achieved remarkable success with its GNLW364 horizontal decanter centrifuge in overseas crystallized salt dehydration projects, making it a valuable asset to these endeavors.

Project Background

Crystallized salt dehydration is an essential process in the chemical industry, crucial for improving product quality and reducing production costs. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of overseas markets, the demand for crystallized salt dehydration equipment has become increasingly urgent. Leveraging its rich industry experience and advanced technological capabilities, GN Solid Control has successfully applied the GNLW364 horizontal decanter centrifuge to overseas crystallized salt dehydration projects.

Equipment Overview

The GNLW364 horizontal decanter centrifuge is one of GN Solid Control’s star products, boasting high efficiency, stability, and environmental friendliness. Utilizing advanced centrifugal separation technology, this equipment effectively separates solid-liquid mixtures, achieving the purpose of crystallized salt dehydration. Meanwhile, its unique design and superior materials ensure stable operation under harsh environments such as high temperatures and humidity.

 Technical Features

Excellent Material Quality:

The GNLW364 horizontal decanter centrifuge‘s bowl is made of SS2205 duplex stainless steel through centrifugal casting. The screw conveyor is also made of stainless steel, with carbide alloy inserts in the solid-phase contact area to enhance wear resistance. The discharge port is equipped with a tungsten carbide alloy sleeve to ensure wear resistance and prolong service life.

Advanced Drive System:

It adopts a fully hydraulic drive system supported by a well-known brand of centrifuge hydraulic drive systems. This system utilizes a motor to drive the oil pump, forming two oil circuits to drive the hydraulic motor and hydraulic differential, ensuring stable operation of the equipment even under high-temperature conditions.

Intelligent Control System:

The centrifuge control box is equipped with a PLC control system and an HDMI human-computer interaction interface. Operators can intuitively view various operating parameters of the centrifuge and quickly modify them at the operating terminal to achieve the desired separation effect. All electrical components in the electrical control box are from internationally renowned brands.

Application Effects

In overseas crystallized salt dehydration projects, the GNLW364 horizontal decanter centrifuge has demonstrated outstanding performance. Its efficient separation capabilities and stable operation have received high recognition from customers. Additionally, GN Solid Control provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.


The successful application of GN Solid Control’s GNLW364 horizontal decanter centrifuge in overseas crystallized salt dehydration projects once again proves its leading position in the field of solid-liquid separation. In the future, GN Solid Control will continue to uphold the philosophy of quality first and customer foremost, continuously innovating and developing to provide global customers with even better products and services.