GN Solids America’s shale shaker and shale shaker screen operation for filtering solids from liquid

When consider solids control machinery, the treating capacity is the major consideration that will take effect of drilling rig operation.  After all, the drilling mud the pumped out from the drilling rig need to be treated in time to circulate back to the drilling rig for continuous operation.  The first stage of solids control is the drilling mud feeding to the drilling fluid shale shaker.  It needs able to manage large feeding volume of drilling mud and do the first stage of filtering in matter of efficiency.    The drilling rig operator choose various of mesh of shale shaker screen base on the condition of the drilling mud and need of treating capacity per gallon, it has data to introduce the empirical formula according to the specified condition. The treating capacity is draw by producer specification which is the maximum, some producer attached the shale shaker treating capacity experimental curve to reference for users.

Experimental research at manufacture’s factory and operation site around the world have proved that the treating capacity of shale shaker increased following the amplitude and excitation frequency increase, but the factors affect degree is different, the biggest influence is the amplitude. Meanwhile, the performance of drilling fluid, especially the plastic viscosity has the big influence to treating capacity.   To meet the demand of our customer in the drilling field, the R&D focus not only on shale shaker only but also on the wear-tear parts of the shale shaker, the shale shaker filter screen.  Various mesh manufactured not only need the demand of treating capacity but also durability to reasonable usage for sake of drilling operation.  Such demand is needed for keep operation cost in steady to benefit down-stream of oil process to finally reach to everyday consumer like you and I.

GN Solids America LLC keeps consist stock of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker and its composite frame shale shaker screen in Houston Texas, USA for moment -notice delivery.


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