GN Oil Slurry Treating Plant for Africa

As the world most famous manufacturer, GN Solids Control is devoted to provide the best solids and liquid separation equipment and systems. GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing and designing turnkey systems based on customers’ demands, most of GN treating systems are tailored to meet their needs.
Recently, GN Solids Control has provided some turnkey oil slurry treating systems to Europe and Africa. GN oil slurry treating systems are mainly used on treating thick oil slurry such as bottom oil tank slurry, refinery slurry etc. By using GN oil slurry system, solids, oil and water can be separated into different parts.
GN oil slurry treating plant is mainly including the following GN equipment:gn-oil-slurry-treating-plant
1. GN Shaker Tank
By using one GN vacuum pump, the oil slurry can be transferred to the shaker tank. GN shale shaker separates the solids larger than 100 microns, coarse solids are collected by a catching tank below the shaker.
In order to keep the separated slurry from sediment, GN mud agitators are also fixed on the shaker tank and kept rotating.
2. GN Centrifuge Tank
The after treated slurry is added and mixed with different Acid or Alkali in order to have the proper value. Polymer and chemicals are added into the decanter centrifuge tank, so the finer solids can be separated out by GN decanter centrifuge.
In order to keep the thick slurry running well, GN shaker tank and GN centrifuge tank are also assembled with heating lines.
3. GN Slant Clarifer
GN slant clarifier is especially designed to separate small solids in the oil and water by gravity. Many pieces of slope metals are assembled inside to help separate. This is the first separation phase for oil and water.
4. Oil &Water Separator
GN oil and water and separator is used to separate oil and water separately. There is one oil surge tank and water surge tank fixed after the oil and water separator, they are used to feed the water and oil into the afterwards oil tank and water tank separately.

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