Brief Introduction of Oil Sludge Separation Equipment

What is the oil sludge separation equipment? It mainly refers to a kind of high-tech equipment which can separate solid and liquid phases in silt. Industry commonly known as lying snail centrifuge.


oil sludge separation equipment is a horizontal spiral discharge, continuous operation of settling equipment.

The working principle of this kind of separator is as follows: the drum and screw rotate at the same speed at a certain differential speed, the material is continuously introduced into the inner cylinder of the feed tube, then accelerated into the drum, and under the action of centrifugal force field, Heavy solid matter is deposited on the drum wall to form sediment layer. The solid phase deposited by the feed screw is continuously pushed to the end of the drum cone and discharged through the slag outlet. The lighter liquid phase forms an inner liquid ring, which is continuously overflowed from the overflow port of the large end of the drum and discharged from the machine through the outlet. This machine can feed, separate, wash and unload continuously at full speed. Compact structure, continuous operation, smooth operation, strong adaptability, production Large capacity, convenient maintenance and other characteristics. suitable for separating suspensions with solid-containing particle size greater than 0.005 mm, concentration range of 2-40%. Widely used in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries.

II. Working Principles

The suspension enters the oil sludge separation equipment from the feed pipe. Under the high speed rotation of the drum, the specific gravity solid is thrown to the drum wall, and the light gravity liquid is squeezed to the center of the drum. Under the action of the differential speed of the screw and the drum, the solid deposited on the drum wall is pushed by the screw conveyer to the small end of the drum outlet, and the liquid is discharged through the large end of the drum overflow hole.

III. Selection

Choosing suitable oil sludge separation equipment can not only solve the problem of oil sludge separation and improve working efficiency, but also save production cost and reduce operating risk. The main factors affecting selection are as follows:

The speed of oil sludge separation equipment: the general oil sludge separation equipment should be above 3000 rpm, the higher the speed, the higher the separation factor of oil sludge separation equipment, the better the separation effect.

Different materials have different physical and chemical indexes, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. The lowest material of oil sludge separation equipment abroad is 316 L, or duplex stainless steel, and ceramic synthetic material should be used for components.

Centrifuge differential control: different differential control accuracy is different, and the difference between life and maintenance cost is very large, the higher the differential accuracy, the better the adaptability to the material, so the equipment with high differential precision should be selected.

Length-diameter ratio: the larger the length-diameter ratio of oil sludge separation equipment, the greater the treatment capacity and the smaller the moisture content.

Control system: whether it is automatic programming control, at present, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers have basically realized the automatic control of the equipment.

Installation power: affecting the control of energy consumption, general domestic equipment energy consumption ratio is high, foreign energy consumption ratio is low.

Processing technology: oil sludge separation equipment belongs to the separation equipment with high precision processing requirements. The product maintenance rate is high and the processing capacity is limited.

This is a brief introduction to the oil sludge separation equipment.

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