Application of Disc Centrifuge Separator

Disc centrifuge separator is a kind of settling centrifuge and a more precise branch of centrifuge equipment. It adopts centrifugal separation principle to design separation performance, which is superior to that of industrial production fluid separation. In addition, disc centrifuge can not only automatically control continuous operation, but also automatically discharge slag.

Common difficult to separate fluid materials, such as colloidal fluids consisting of viscous liquids and fine solid particles or emulsions with very small specific gravity differences, Because the specific gravity of the components in the fluid is very small or the physical characteristics of viscosity are very difficult to separate, this is the time for disc centrifuges to show off.

Disc centrifuge separators are widely used in laboratory, animal and plant protein separation, oil extraction and refining, biochemical pharmaceutical extraction and other operations. Disc centrifuge separators are commonly used in the following industries:

1. Petrochemical oil separation industry: disc centrifuge is often used for marine turbine, diesel engine, power station and other petrochemical fuel and lubricating oil separation and purification;

2. dairy separation and purification industry: disc centrifuge is often used to clarify and purify fresh milk, degreasing, cheese;

3. purification of vegetable oil industry: disc centrifuge is often used for purification and clarification of vegetable oil hair oil, degumming, soap removal, dehydration and dewaxing in vegetable oil refining;

4. beverage industry: beer, beverage, juice and other semi-finished beverage clarification, plant protein extraction, treatment of wastewater produced in production;

5. starch processing industry: starch pulp concentration and grading;

6. pharmaceutical industry: disc centrifuge is often used in biopharmaceutical antibiotics, biochemical pharmaceutical drug extraction purification and concentration, the clarification of traditional Chinese medicine extraction and purification;

7. chemical raw material manufacturing industry: disc centrifuge is often used to purify or clarify chemical raw materials;

8. lanolin industry: extraction and purification of lanolin from wool washing wastewater;

9. latex production industry: purification and concentration of natural rubber latex pulp;

10. Biofermentation: Disc centrifuges are often used to clarify bioengineered fermentation broths, concentrate, extract, liquid-solid, liquid-liquid-solid separation.

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