Analysis of Common Problems of Wastewater Sewage

The solid-liquid separation capacity of horizontal screw centrifuge is strong, high efficiency and high treatment capacity. It has been widely used in sewage treatment in China, which greatly reduces the cost of sewage treatment and creates huge economic value and social environmental protection value. Here are some common operational problems for Decanter centrifuge in sewage treatment, GN discuss with you.

Decanter centrifuge is not easy —— selection is important:

The equipment principle is based on the specific gravity difference of solid and liquid to accelerate the settlement of solid and liquid by applying centrifugal force field to achieve the purpose of separation. Because there may be some differences in the parameters of different fuselage components in the design of Decanter centrifuge, such as slag discharge ability and drum requirement. Since the horizontal screw centrifugation and the use of bias, since it is sewage treatment, in the selection of course, only to buy suitable for the sewage treatment process of centrifugal separator equipment can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Disstable separation effect —— parameter adjustment are important:

Although the parameter setting habits of each manufacturer are different, in general, in order to better cope with the material change and enhance the general performance of the machine, the commonly used adjustment of the required parameters include the speed adjustment of the drum, the speed difference adjustment of the push differential, and the height of the overflow plate. For different materials, you are too lazy to adjust the parameters to make the machine more suitable. It is really difficult to imagine what kind of teasing performance the engineering mud desliming parameters will have ~ directly to the wastewater treatment of the steel plant

Disparation effect is not good —— pretreatment is important

For the next stage of solid-liquid separation of horizontal screw centrifuge to do a good pretreatment, to achieve the best separation effect;

Decanter centrifuge is easy to damage —— production operation maintenance techniques are important:

Decanter centrifuge is suitable for frequent failures, can not be wronged you, this may be due to poor material applicability, such as material slurry impurities too much, feed too fierce resulting in slag discharge is not smooth, rotary block…

However, most of the feed impurities can be added to the material pretreatment section, the discharge is not smooth can be adjusted according to the material characteristics of the push speed difference, block can always check whether there is a lack of lubricating oil or foreign body stuck in the rotating shaft, These causes of Decanter centrifuge failure can be said to have nothing to do with the operator?

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