Advantages of Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

I. Widespread application

1. suitable for municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding materials, paper, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries sludge.

2. suitable for dewatering high and low concentration sludge. For low concentration (2000 mg/L~) sludge dewatering, there is no need to build concentration tank, storage tank, reduce construction cost, reduce phosphorus release and anaerobic odor production.

II. Small-scale design

1. Compact design, the dehydrator contains electronic control cabinet, metering tank, flocculation mixing tank and dehydrator body.

2. space is small, easy to repair and replace; small weight, easy to carry.

III. Not easily blocked

1. has the function of self-cleaning. There is no need to clean to prevent clogging, reduce washing water consumption and reduce internal circulation burden.

2. is good at dewatering oily sludge.

 IV. Low speed operation

1. The speed of the screw shaft is about 2~3 rpm, and the power consumption is very low.

2. failure is less, noise vibration is small, operation is safe.

V. Simple operation

1. through the electronic control cabinet, with the bubble medicine machine, mud pump, dosing pump, etc., to achieve 24 hours of continuous unmanned operation.

2. daily maintenance time is short, maintenance operation is simple.

VI. Durable

1. Almost all thebody is made of stainless steel, which can prolong the service life to the maximum extent.

2. replacement parts only spiral shaft and swimming ring, long service period.

 VII. Low investment costs

  1.  Various product specifications, complete series, for different processing scale, can choose the most suitable model, to avoid overuse.
  •  The body is compact in design, integrated in concentration and dewatering, with auxiliary devices such as electronic control cabinet and sludge flocculation mixing tank, which has strong compatibility with supporting equipment and is easy to design.
  •  Small design, easy to adapt to local conditions, can reduce the dehydrator itself space and construction costs.
  •  It has the function of sludge concentration, so it does not need to concentrate and store units to reduce the overall space and construction cost of sewage treatment facilities.
  •  The main body of the dehydrator has the function of self-cleaning, so it is not necessary to use a large amount of water to prevent sludge clogging.
  •  Adopt low speed spiral extrusion technology, low power consumption.
  •  The electronic control cabinet is equipped with automatic control device, from conveying sludge, injecting medicine liquid, concentrating and dewatering, to discharging mud cake, realizing 24 hours automatic continuous unmanned operation and reducing workers’ expenses.

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