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GN Innovative Decanter Centrifuge Available

GN advanced decanter centrifuge is capable of processing un-weighted and weighted, water-based and oil-based drilling mud (Drilling fluids). GNLW553 uses high G-forces to separate fine solids from liquid

GN centrifuge is fed from the solids end of the conveyor. Drilling fluids is pumped into the feed chamber of the GNLW553 through a feed tube and exits through one big nozzle into the bowl.

GNLW553 is equipped with VFD ( Variable Frequency Drive) control, which provides a controlled applications of motor drive power to the centrifuge components( screw propeller, bowl and feed pump). With a effective capacity up to 400 gal/min, the GNLW 553 centrifuge is able to quickly process high volumes of drilling fluids and separation efficiencies to be maintained. Therefore, GN centrifuge produce fine cut points at higher flow rates and critical conditions solids control.01

 Decanter centrifuge Features and Benefits

1. Features-400 gal/min maximum processing capacity( drilling fluids)

Benefit-High processing capacity for utilization in high-flow drilling application and condition

2. Features- Variable Frequency Dive (VFD) control

Benefit- Allow easy adjustment of bowl, screw and feed pump speeds for varying process conditions and provides torque overload protection.

3. Features- Drilling fluid is fed from discharging solids end.

Benefit- Provide a short feed tube with less vibration influence. It contributes the fast feeding solution

4. Features- Duplex stainless steel bowl and case

Benefit- Provides corrosion resistance for long life, smooth operation and low maintenance, high strength and corrosion resistance.

5 Features- Tungsten carbide tiles protection and SKF bearings

Benefit-Quality material offers a solid foundation for smooth operation and long bearing life

6. Features- Split case cover and protection material

Benefit-  facilitates easy access for inspection and maintenance

From flow line to disposal, GN has the solution to your separation and waste management. Decanter centrifuge is a product group of GN Solids America.GN solids control leading provider of solids control units including: shaker, mud conditioner, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator and other solids control units.

GN Economical Auger V-Tank

GN unique the auger V shape tank is for collecting a huge amount of drilling cutting and quickly delivery the cutting to the both cutting drying machine and other application.GN V-shape tank eliminates the risk of an environmental spill on a working site. V-tank auger stable convey all the solids7

Features & benefits

1. Process rate is 20~60 tons per hour(Ton/Hour) with explosion standard motor

2. Decrease the equipment footprint and customized is available

3. Auger is applied with abrasive material for longer operation and lower maintenance

4. Save the cost as reduce the track hoe and back hoe usage. Maximum reduce the project cost

5. Buffer bar is mounted between tank and auger. It effectively reduces the damage of gravity of solids for the screw conveyor. It also assure the auger properly working condition

6. The V tank is just like standard frac tank, reducing the rig-up time and easy operation.

Cooperation with GN Vertical Cutting Dryer

GN vertical cutting dryer plays an important in recovery of drilling cuttings, GN V-shape tank is capable of collecting drying cutting from shale shaker and subsequently transfer cutting to vertical cutting dryer for further process. Capacity of GN vertical cutting dryer is 30~50 Ton per hour. V tank auger will fit the demand.

What is Vertical Cutting Dryer?

GN vertical cutting dryer is used for drying oil base mud, water based mud and synthetic based mud. Using the centrifugal force and stainless steel screen maximum separate the solids and recovery the drilling fluids. There are three kinds of screen to separate different solids including 0.25,0.35 and 0.5mm opening size.

 GN is working on the solids control and waste management industry for many years. We are dedicated to provide the Zero discharge solution, small footprint and economic design for your project. Contact with GN representative either recovery of drilling cutting problems or drilling cutting delivery issues

Mud Recycling System for HDD Rigs

Generally, trenched will be excavated for pipe laying or conduits and cables installing. While, in some case that trenching is not practical for geographic factors or environmental reasons, directional boring, usually known as horizontal directional drilling(shortened as HDD) will be applied. HDD is a typical example of trenchless technology which means using a surface-launched Drilling Waste Management to bore a path for installing infrastructure such as pipelines, gas lines, oil line, sewer lines, water lines, power cable conduits, and telecommunication. HDD is normally applied when a river, road, landscape, or a congested place needs to cross for pipe and cable laying. Until now, installation length by HDD has been up to 2000 meters, and diameters up to 1200 mm have been finished in short length. Yet, that does not necessarily mean that HDD can be adopted for all road-cross or river -cross drilling. Actually, solids rock or sedimentary rock is the most suitable material. HDD is used instead of other techniques mainly for the following benefits. HDD not only makes traffic disruption less and deeper or longer installation possible, but ensures a lower cost and environmentally safer.

GN Solid America is specialized in design and build up mud recycling system for HDD rigs, and for a decade’s innovating and evolving, GN’s mud system is widely used in Australia, India, and other countries for HDD rigs.  The below features  are proof of GN’s mud systems popularity. Firstly, GN provides compact design with a combination of mud cleaner and underflow shaker, which is double deck for the first stage separation and drilling mud’s drying.

Secondly, GN supplies a full range of mud system:150/ 350/ 800/1000/1500GPM.

Thirdly, GN offers cost effective equipment integration from a single source: GN Solids Control factory.


Drilling Waste Management -GN America

Drilling Waste Management -GN America

Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal

Unbeatable and Ultra-efficient Dual Deck Shale Shaker

As a result of multifunctional requirement, economic and regulatory pressure as well as the small footprint, premium shale shaker must be capable of reducing waste volumes and maximize efficiency. Uniquely GNZS705 dual flat-deck shaker has taken the solids control program to entirely new level of efficiency. GNZS 705 is providing primary solids removal in CBM (Coal bed methane), HDD(Horizontal Directional Drilling) and TBM drilling etc. The robust construction and optimal solids control satisfactory manner of GNZS 705 with pretensioned screens reduces units’ maintenance time, the amount of shale shaker required on location and the need for redundant solids control equipment.

Features and Benefits of GNZS705

1. There are total five panel screens in this dual functional shale shaker. Top deck shale shaker Dual Shakeris 2 screen panels with small API number screen (10 API shaker screen and 4 API number according to jobsite condition) and bottom deck is 3 screen panel (with larger API number which separates fined solids). The unique design delivery high progress capacity

2. Progressive Liner motion enhances overall solids control efficiency and quickly separate solids of fluids pool

3. International brand Super G vibration motor with CE, ISO and API compliant. And maximum generate drilling cutting and other solids

4. Adjustable deck angel is available from -1°to +5°according to the drilling conditions. Heat treatment of shaker deck and stainless shaker deck is quality assurance

5.Generall, drilling cutting volumes and drilling conditions changes constantly during the course of bottom hole. There, an flexible solids unit plays a vital role in the fluids control. That’s what separates the GNZS 705 shale shaker different from traditional single-deck shale shakers.

6. GN double shaker with desander, desilter ,mud cleaners and decanter centrifuge make up the effective solids control system. GN double deck shaker with hydrocyclones is a multifunctional solids control units for water well, HDD, CBM and TBM drilling.

For you project and dual-deck shaker information, please contact with GN representative.