Trend of Solid-Liquid Separation from Filter Press to Decanter Centrifuge

Filter press and decanter centrifuge are common solid-liquid separation equipment, the quantity is very large, GN discusses with you the technical advantages of solid-liquid separation production line machine from filter press to decanter centrifuge:

  1. Decanter centrifuge without filtering medium

Filter press pressure filtration of filter medium (filter) to separate solid and liquid, need to use high pressure water to avoid filter belt obstruction; decanter centrifuge high speed rotation to produce centrifugal position to separate solid-liquid centrifugal settlement, It is not suitable for filter medium because of filter screen, which bypasses the common filter clogging problem in filter operation.

  • Decanter centrifuge is widely applicable

Filter press can also most of the solid-liquid separation, but the oil, viscosity and other strong adhesion of solid-liquid separation needs pre-treatment and incomplete separation; decanter centrifuge separation adaptability, can achieve solid-liquid two-phase separation and solid-liquid three-phase separation, better adaptability to solid-liquid separation.

  • Automation of production line of decanter centrifuge 

Filter press is intermittent operation of manual cutting slag, loading and unloading belong to intermittent operation most or need manual coordination is not conducive to the formation of automatic production line to improve production efficiency; decanter centrifuge can realize automatic loading and unloading continuous production automatic loading and unloading can form automatic production line production efficiency.

  • Decanter centrifuge parameters adaptive adjustment ability

In the process of solid-liquid separation and dehydration, the belt filter is adjusted according to the working conditions, and the parameters such as speed, tension, dosage and flushing pressure often depend on the experience of the operator, which requires high operation technology.

  • Low consumption of pre-treatment material for screw centrifuge

Because the filter filter media (mainly filter) mesh will not be very small, so the particle size should not be too small, small particle size should be added a lot of flocculant complex to synthesize large groups to facilitate filtration, which results in the consumption of additional pretreatment materials In decanter centrifuge, fine sludge can also be separated from water, so the dosage of flocculant is less, saving material input and reducing production cost´╝Ť

  • Decanter centrifuge production line environment is good

In addition to the main filter press, the filter press also needs to add medicine and feed conveyor to flush pump air compressor and other ancillary equipment, covering a large area, the whole machine is difficult to airtight, high pressure cleaning water mist and odor pollution environment, poor production line environment; decanter centrifuge covers a small area of high efficiency, supporting equipment simple complete machine seal operation, workshop environment is good

  • Low maintenance requirements for decanter centrifuge

The number of easily damaged parts in the fuselage accessories of filter press is many times that of centrifuge. Maintenance is not only labor intensity but also high cost.

It can be seen from the above comparison that the comparison of decanter centrifuge with filter press under the same processing conditions has great technical advantages, and solid-liquid separation from filter press to decanter centrifuge is the trend of development.

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