The selection of shale shaker in drilling

The drilling well site must be equipped with at least one vibrating screen. The purpose of shale shaker and other solid removal equipment is the same, which is to reduce the drilling cost. Drilling fluid always require the particle size and content in drilling fluid. Shale shaker can remove out the big size solids contend in the drilling fluids backed from well. If there solids can not be removed timely, which may cause lots problems in drilling.

Consider whether to use a coarse mesh screen. When a large amount of drilling cuttings or clay returns to the wellhead, it is necessary to use a coarse mesh screen. Generally speaking, when the drilling fluid flow rate exceeds 1000gal / min in a 17 in diameter open hole, it is required to use a coarse mesh screen before using a fine mesh shale shaker. Finally, the number and type of main shale shakers used to treat all drilling fluids should be selected. The selection goal is to let the non weighted drilling fluid pass through the most detailed screen cloth as much as possible. For weighted drilling fluid, the use goal of shale shaker is to make all drilling fluid pass through API 200 mesh screen cloth (too fine screen cloth will remove more weighting agent).

shale shaker

shale shaker

The selection of screen cloth. it is said that some professional software can be used to select the mesh number of vibrating screen cloth. However, the data used in these software are basically obtained from the cobalt well fluid prepared in the laboratory, so they have some limitations. Any drilling fluid treatment agent formula may reduce the treatment capacity of the shale shaker system. For example, cobalt well fluid containing starch is difficult to screen, because starch, as a good filtrate reducer, tends to “paste” the fine screen holes. The drilling fluid with high static shear force is also difficult to pass through the fine screen. Therefore, the vibrating screen cloth that should be used to deal with a certain fluid flow rate is not introduced here. The selection of screen cloth for various drilling fluid shale shakers is mainly determined by repeated test method. It is best to contact the manufacturer and ask for suggestions on the selection of screen cloth in this area.

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