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GN Solids Control provides the most cost-effective TDU

GN Solids Control just finished the designing of TDU (Thermal Desorption Unit). GN Solids Control engineers have been working on the researching of TDU since February, 2015.
GN newly developed TDU is mainly used to treat the oily slurry or oil cuttings: oil can be recycled from the slurry, solids are environmental friendly after treated, water can be used in the whole processing.
GN Solids Control is always trying to provide the best solids control and waste management equipment, GN Thermal Desorption Unit is trying to reduce the produced waste, recover valuable base oil as well as treat the solids that can be safely disposed.
GN TDU is working at the temperatures of 150°C to 800°C when treating different quality and quantity of waste slurry. GN Thermal Desorption Unit is a closed treating system. This whole treating system is a turnkey processing solution for oily slurry and production waste.gn tdu layout
As a mobile unit, GN TDU mainly includes the following products:
1. Screening Module: Large solids will be treated first by using the Screening Module.
2. Thermal Desorption Module: As the key components of the TDU, GN Thermal Desorption Module has a large material separation vessel which can be heated up by EU diesel burners.
3. Condensing Module: By using the condensing module, finer particles can be removed. Oil & water condensation module as well as NC gas treatment.
4. Liquid Treatment Module: This module will separate the oil from water by using the gravity difference.
5. Cooling Module: Provide cooling water for the TDU.
6. Discharge Module: The cool conveyor system is equipped with treated solids.
7. Control Room Module: Control room for all the TDU equipment.
8. Switch Room: Electrical control room and VFD’s switch room.
By using GN TDU, the slurry treating capacity is 3.5T/Hour to 5.0T/Hour. Oil recovery efficiency is 70%~80%. TPH on treated Solids is 0.3-1%.