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Gn PRO Shale Shaker

Explore everywhere,The brand new generation shale shaker combines balanced and gressive elliptical motion, enabling operators to change motion “quickly” as drilling conditions change. Having a simple switch of the switch, the shale shaker changes in the balanced elliptical to the gressive elliptical motion with no need to suspend or shut lower procedures.

Operators can alter the kind of motion needed either to handle high volume orduce dryer clippings, as drilling conditions dictate. Using the shale shaker, nonproductive time lost to altering out shakers to satisfy drilling conditions is no more an problem.

Balanced elliptical motion handles high volume solids

Effective to find the best-hole sections with heavy, high volume solids, the balanced elliptical motion vides 7.5 Gs of pressure to rapidly move high volumes of solids over the screens. The motion increases conveyance rates and shaker fluid capacity while enabling the shaker to cess heavier solids.

Progressive elliptical duces dryer clippings

The gentler action of the gressive elliptical motion works well once the clippings volume is reduced, such as with lower sections, and operators desire a longer drying out here we are at the clippings. The G-pressure is reduced to six.5 Gs to optimize drilling fluid recovery and duce dryer clippings. The efficiency of the motion enables for greater processing rates while growing clippings dryness to reduce haul off costs.

Composite screens vide longer existence and greater screen area

The mud agitator is made to use the gn america high-capacity composite screens that vide a substantial rise in fluid capacity in addition to excellent potential to deal with blinding viding dryer solids discharge along with a bigger internet functional screen area.

Multiple shakers mix to multiply results

As much as four shale shakers could be pre-aligned in the factory and mounted on one skid to permit simpler rig moves, needing just one lift. Dual and trip models may use a typical possum belly and can include integral feeder slide gates to balance flow or divert it one shaker.

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