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Gas-Flow Meter Measurement Program

Accurate produced-gas measurement although drilling

Engineered to measure the volume of gas developed though drilling, the GN gas-flow meter measurement method is actually a step-change innovation assisting operators decrease the atmosphere influence of their operations, including the carbon footprint. Also to measuring flow although drilling, the gas-flow meter is usually utilised for reservoir characterization by detecting and monitoring nuisance gas through tight-gas/shale gas, underbalanced-drilling, or managed stress drilling operations. The gas-flow meter is suitable offshore or onshore and is particularly effective in shale gas plays. The ability to explore the application of GN gas meter gas is very powerful, already have their own patents.

Real-time flow measurement and composition analysis

The gas-flow meter installs directly into the flare line to supply real-time accurate gas flow measurement and composition analysis. It has no moving parts, requires small or no upkeep and requires no personnel to operate when it really is installed. The gas-flow meter operates using a higher degree of accuracy in dirty or wet situations, and it will not protrude into the flare line or obstruct it in any way.


Detection capability for modest gas quantities

Standard desander designed for drilling operations lack the accuracy or reliability to detect modest quantities of gas, especially detrimental when drilling tight-gas formations. The gas-flowmeter offers the capability to accurately detect and quantify even the smallest gas flows down to 0.1 ft/sec.

Extremely accurate measurement technologies

Very precise ultrasonic gas-flow measurement technologies, combined having a precision stress and temperature sensing transducer, measure gas-flow velocity, temperature and stress to determine actual and regular volumetric flow, as well as mass flow rates. Data sent for the Drilling Rig Data Acquisition System enables direct communications with any capture device such as a data logger program, laptop, or hardwired or wireless memory stick.

Decrease environmental influence and reduce expenses

The gas-flow meter helps lower charges by quantifying the true production possible of formations whilst drilling underbalanced. Real-time reservoir information improves the decision-making course of action and potentially reduces overall exploration and improvement expenses. The   gas-flow meter makes it possible for operators to superior quantify and lower their all round environmental effect and carbon footprint. There are more on the GN’s official website describes the data and methods of measurement of gas flow meters, and look forward to your attention.