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GN Dredging System Mud Tank

GN Dredging System Mud Tank

Every year, GN Solids Control provides over hundreds of systems to solids control or mud recycling system. And GN is manufacturing about 350 to 400 sets shale shakers, 250 to 300 sets decanter centrifuges and 60 sets to 100 sets cuttings dryers.
As the fast development of GN Solids Control Co. and GN Solids America LLC, more and more companies are coming to GN for their mud separation solutions.

GN also providing various tanks to customers who are working in oil and gas, HDD, Dredging, CBM or TBM areas etc. During the past several months, GN got many inquiries on mud tanks. Some are pretty small one such as hundred bbl, while some are large mud plant such as 10,000 bbl.


For different areas, GN has customized solution for every client. Let’s take the dredging slurry mud system as an example. In order to better service the needs of dredging separation demands, GN has designed V type tank to satisfy their demands on clean the mud in the tank conveniently. Usually, there will be some mud fall on the bottom of the mud tank, and the mud can be cleaned out from the hole on both sides of the tank. Actually, this is not a easy job to do, many mud will be left inside no matter how hard you try to get them out.

But if you’re using GN V type tanks, tough thing will be just a cup of tea. GN has assembled one screw conveyor on the bottom of the mud tank, all the mud that fall off on the bottom will be conveyed by GN screw conveyor, so it will be separated thoroughly. When the separation work is finished, you can stop all the shale shakers on the bottom and start the screw conveyor to get the mud out.

GN also designed one square mud tank next to the V tank. The square mud tank can help to enlarge the capacity of this dredging system