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GN Rapid Dewatering System for Dredge Slurry

GN dewatering system is capable of separating coarse debris and ultra-fine particles such as shells, debris, rocks, clays, sands and silts at high volume. GN rapid dredge slurry system produces stackable solids without applying extra treatment to meet customer’s requirement. Generally, GN utilizes the shale shaker and desander for dredge slurry system.

GN Dewatering System for Dredge Slurry project4

1. Typically we utilize GNZS594E-HB shale shaker as the first phase to remove coarse solids, GNZS584E-HB is with 600GPM capacity under mesh 40 shaker screen. Regarding to 1000GPM capacity, we technically use two set units to process the fluids. Also, desander unit is normally required by the dredge slurry system. One 10 inch desander hydrocyclone is 500GPM capacity, maximum we install three of hydrocyclones in one shale shaker to reach 1500GPM capacity. GN specifies the solids control equipment based on the project requirements.

Features of GN dredge dewatering system

GN dredge dewatering system is the most valuable system in the slurry industry. In the most dredging projects GN dredge dewatering system is capable of dewater over 60% dredged material and at a cost much less. GN is also recognized as an important supplier of customized tank, equipment and system for a variety of solids control, dredging and dewatering. There are some advantages of GN dredge slurry system

1.Rapidly separate high volumes of fluids and continuous operation,

2. Small footprint and low noise are available of operating in the residential and commercial areas,

3. Robust equipment and tank are with low maintenance and easy operation.

GN continues to provide equipment and system throughout all over the world. Our worldwide customers have given us the opportunity to service different industries including oil & gas drilling industry, dredge slurry industry, Construction, Mining and HDD. Our core values is “We provide equipment you can count on, and prompt service to all client need”