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The Grant Opening of GN No.2 Factory

Although the oil price is pretty low, GN Solids Control has succeeded to get many purchase orders on solids control equipments and drilling waste management systems. Due to GN Solids Control is pretty busy in the past, GN Solids Control decided to invest and build another factory close to GN headquarters.
We’re very excited to announce the No. 2 factory has finished the building and most of those CNC machines are fixed. GN No.2 factory finally expected the grant opening day. With the equipments manufacturing of GN No. 2 factory, GN Solids Control is able to provide decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers and shaker screens in a short period.
GN Solids Control main equipments are largely upgraded from the establishment of GN year by year with the help of all those GN professional engineers. Due to the excellent working performance and strict manufacturing process, GN Solids Control is certified by many global certifications. GN Solids Control was the first Chinese manufacturer who awarded API certification on all series of solids control equipments includes shakers, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers, centrifuge pumps, desanders, desilters and mud cleaners etc.

With the wide usage of GN Solids Control equipments in over 60 countries, GN Solids Control opened two branch companies: one is GN Solids America located in Houston, TX and the other is GN Solids Russia located in Moscow, Russia. GN brand is getting to known by more and more companies around the world.
Now some professional workers are in GN No. 2 factory, they are working on manufacturing decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers over there. Hundreds of GN decanter centrifuges and cutting dryers are in stock. They can be delivered by mounting the motors and testing running which only takes about 7 days.
GN Solids Control has successfully provided many solids control equipments, hundreds of mud systems are also provided to global clients. Welcome to visit GN headquarters and GN no. 2 factory which is only 45 mins drive from Beijing airport.