GN Team Had Fun on Outward bound

GN Team Had Fun on Outward bound
Last week, GN Solids Control held one outward bound in Beijing Great Wall, all GN employees had fund and learned in this outward bound. 160526 GN Outdoor Training 1
GN Solids Control pays great attention to employees’ fully development. Actually, all GN employees are working very crazy which can reach to 100,000,000 sales volume every year. This year, the oil price is very low, GN Solids Control’s global business is largely effective as well, but due to some market are still keep drilling, GN Solids Control is sell better than before. In Middle East and Africa as well as Russia, GN Solids Control provided more solids control and drilling waste management equipments those drilling companies, as many companies are trying to find the most cost effective manufacturer in China. From some degree, you could even say it is a advantage for GN Solids Control to develop global market.
There is a saying: you cannot always work without play. GN employees finally found a chance and took a breeze for a long time hard working since the beginning of this year. Some employees went out for outward bound in Beijing Great Wall.

160526 GN Outdoor Training 7
GN employees enjoyed great sightseeing over there; some interesting activities were also designed to strengthen the cooperation inside. We were divided into two teams for competition and cooperation. Each team designed its name, logo and slogan. It was a very interesting journey for GN employees. We all learned how to work together with the mutual trust and support. For all GN sales, they believe the cross projects should be paid attention with the help of different regions. 160526 GN Outdoor Training 8
GN Solids Control is devoted to provide the best quality solids control and drilling waste management equipments. All GN employees are also paid great attention as they are the most precious wealth for GN. With the fast development of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America and GN Solids Russia have also be opened to develop the global market. 160526 GN Outdoor Training 6

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