GN Solids Control Equipment on 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Show

GN Solids control China headquarter attached 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Show from May 29th~June 2nd. It is the biggest show of oil gad industry of China. Almost all China giant company attend this exhibition every year. GN Solids Control are very valued this exhibition, because it is a good chance to show our new equipment, and also communicate with lots our old client and meet new client.
In the exhibition of this year, the clients from other county was more than before. And some customer are specially come to this show for GN equipment. Whole GN international sales department went to the show to receive abroad client and communicate with them and give out our solution for their project for the solids control of drilling mud.
2023.06.05-1 CIPPE 1
In this show , GN displayed 2 units Decanter centrifuge ,one unit is 14 inch 2 phase Decanter centrifuge ,and the other unit is 3 phase Decanter centrifuge. 2 phase Decanter are specially used for drilling mud treatment. The 3 phase are for liquid liquid solids separation ,we use it for waste treatment. Except these, we also take our most popular equipment ,GN shale shaker , and the also the shale shaker with Vist device.GN shaker has exported to more than 75 countries, client use it for drilling mud, waste water etc. Reliable, stable and good separation effect all these make it very popular in the market. Based on shale shaker, we installed one vacuum device to combine them together to dryer the solids. Through the negative suck power, the last shaker screen of shale shaker can suck the sludge and remove out the included water as much as possible. That will recycle much drilling mud to save cost , and also dryer solids to reduce pollution and convent for shipping.
2023.06.05-2 CIPPE 2
That is a good exhibition for GN. Our factory is very near to the show. Client can visit us with same trip. Looking forward to see you in the show of next year.