GN Solids America will participate in 2023 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2023)

OTC is one of the biggest exhibition of the global for oil gas industry. Petrol exploration as the most important energy industry as the base of all economic activity. Every year OTC attracted almost all the top energy company of all over the world.
Actually oil gas industry include lots segment industry, from exploration to refinery. GN Solids Control is focused on the drilling mud treatment. In the petrol well drilling program which will need lots drilling mud to improve the work efficiency , and also protect the well and rid machine. This is the most important thing to guarantee the drilling work success.

Drilling mud is complex, expensive and also high pollution. Solids control equipment aimed to recycling drilling mud that returned from well and treat them for reuse. reduce the cost and environment pollution. GN Solids America LLC is branch of GN solids control, every year, we will participate this OTC show to display our equipment and communicate with customer about the technology each other. It is a good platform to find new sale opportunity and get the latest industry technology information. GN is open for new technology to improve efficiency and reduce cost for customer.
2023.03.02 America OTC GN1
On this OTC show, GN Solids America LLC will display decanter centrifuge, shale shaker ,solids vacuum pump and also shaker screen. All these 3 products are widely used on solids control activity. Especially shale shaker, it is the core equipment for drilling mud treatment. Many our old client know GN shaker screen is high quality with good price. We will display new type shaker screen, which is better performance and longer life time than before. Solids vacuum pump is different with traditional pump, it is used to suck the high solids content material such as the drill cutting and oil sludge.
GN can provide the whole solution for solids control and waste management about well drilling. Hope to see you there.

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