GN Solids America LLC’s solids control machinery meet the goal of environment protection.

While Oil rig perform the drilling into the earth core, it needs to break soil and rocks apart.  Some layers often is harder than other so drilling operation will use additive to strength the drill bit to break the layer.  The additive that uses combine the rock sometimes will cause the harm of environment.

Underground of earth is not totally solid and sometime it contains the layer of water like underground river.  When water mix with the drilling process, it contains several of heavy metal ion and anion.  Such content in water will change the stability of the drilling fluid that affect the performance of the fluid.  When water is in the drilling fluid increasing, the various additives will be added into the drilling fluid.  The mixture of drilling fluid and additive is harmful to the environment if reach to surface and not properly treated.

The calcium, gypsum. Salt to name a few that mixing with additive is common and needed but harmful to environment.  The mud treating system is serving the purpose to contain, filter and recondition the drilling mud for continuous usage.

GN Solids America LLC’s advantage is we are the solids control manufacture that made the whole  solids control machinery  which is custom made the whole mud recycle system to meet specific project’s need for our customers.  Our customer are ensure we provide the solids control machinery to meet local environmental standard around the world and dealing with manufacture them self to ensure the best possible price to keep overall cost of rig operation as consist as possible.  We provide consist stocks of parts and tech personals ready at the request of customers by moment’s notice.  There are lots of manufactures in China who can make less-costly machinery and system but adding other facts for operation consideration, GN Solids America is the choice of obvious.
1000 gpm mud recycling system

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