GN Soil Washing Treating Unit

As a turn-key solids control system provider, GN Solids Control provides various whole treating units that can be widely used in various of industries. During the past half years, GN Solids Control have received more inquires on oil slurry or soil remediation treating. Based on the former experiences provided to thousands of customers, GN Solids Control is able to provide a customized turn-key system.
Today, we would like to share some info on the soil washing or soil remediation treating unit. GN Solids Control provides shake shakers as the first treating unit so large solids can be separated out. After treated by shale shaker:
1. Slurry Pump
The Slurry Pump should be over sized. Model GNSB4X3A-11J. It will feed the Decanter centrifuge.
2. 14 Inch Decanter
The 14 inch decanter will remove the small micron soil that wasn’t removed at the GN shale shaker in the first phase treatment. GN Solids Control provides whole centrifuge treating unit includes a stand, solids screw conveyor, centrifuge tank, etc. Model GNLW364D-VFD

3. Chemical Dosing Equipment
Chemical Dosing Equipment. Model GNDU-2000A. This will help centrifuge to separate out those finer solids. Usually, centrifuge can only separate out solids larger than 10 microns just by using mechanical separating method.
4. Inclined Plate Clarifier
GN Inclined Plate Clarifier is used to separate those solids after treated by centrifuge. Centrifuge treated slurry will run into the clarifier by gravity.

5. Oil Water Separator
An oil/ water separator will be used to separate oil and water. This will be added based on the how much oil contains in the final liquid.des oil water separator 1 des oil water separator
6. 9 Inch Decanter
9 Inch Decanter Model GNLW224D. Sludge from the bottom of the Inclined Plate Clarifier can be dewatered by using GN mini centrifuge. Running parameters can be adjusted based on the feeding sludge.
Some sets of soil remediation units have already been used in Middle East, Africa and North America.

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