GN Sludge Vacuum Pump

GN Waste vacuum pump, also named as a solids transfer pump. With special structure design, it can be used on tough environmental for solids transfer, high working performance, and less maintenance. The pump can transfer materials with high gravity and high density, solids content transfer rate max up to 80%. It has following features: the high efficiency Venturi device can produce vacuum up to 25 feet HG (Mercury Column). This is equivalent to vacuum of 85Kpa to remove the material. The pump structure is simple and compact, almost none of wear parts. The transfer distance is up to 500-1000 meters.

The GN Waste vacuum pump can transfer materials applications

Waste mud and waste solids discharged from shale shaker, mud cleaner, and centrifuge transfer

Drilling mud transfer

Waste pit cleaning

Hazardous waste recovery

Oil sludge, tank bottoms residual removal and transfer

Barge holdings and vessel bottom cleaned

Bulk tank and silo transfer of material

Sand; Course, fine, conventional and frac sand

Diatomaceous earth

Animal waste, etc.

The GN solids transfer pump has three models, GNSP-10B, GNSP-20B, and GNSP-40B.

Max capacity from 10m3/h, 20 m3/h and 40m3/h.

Pressure request: GNSP-10B and GNSP-20B is 550 Kpa-690 Kpa (80-100 PSI), GNSP-40B is 550 Kpa-785 kpa (80-114 PSI).

Air Demand: GNSP-10B 4.3 m³/min (150 CFM) GNSP-20B 8m³/min (280 CFM) GNSP-40B 17m³/min (600 CFM).

Weight: GNSP-10B 705.5 Lbs GNSP-20B 850. Lbs GNSP-40B 1966.6 Lbs

Dimension:L×W×H: GNSP-10B 1283×800×1370mm GNSP-20B 1421×900×1448mm GNSP-40B 1690×1468×1983mm

GN Provide OEM service with customized design to protect the customer brand. 

GN Solids America Main Products Application

OIL & GAS Drilling—-Mud Solids Control & Waste Management

HDD & CBM Drilling —-Mud Recycling System

Mining & Industrial—-Slurry Separation Plant

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