GN Mud Station Project in America

In most drilling project, client made mud at job site. But there is also special mud company, they made mud and store them in big mud tank.When client need drilling mud ,they directly ship these mud to the drilling field. Usually ,mud station need big plant to lay huge mud tanks. These tank can store drilling mud , clean water, cement etc to made different type mud for drilling well using.

Most times, client will choose local tank manufacture to make these tank ,but some times, the material grade, the processing technical can not reach the customer requirement ,and this may cause the short life time of mud tank. other aspect ,mud station also need other kind solids control equipment to mixing mud and treat them , such as mud jet mixer, centrifuge pump, shear pump, Decanter centrifuge etc. The complex requirement to manufacture and equipment make there are less company can provide all things for a mud station. GN solids control is one of these company that have ability to provide a whole solution to customer to built mud station. From tank building to equipment assembly.

mud station

mud station

As we all know GN factor is located in China. To foreigner client, transport is a big issue and higher fees to ship these tank from China to their local. Consider all factors , such as manufacture time, processing technology, price , more longer time products, the cost of using actually is better than choosing a vendor who are short experience in these mud station project. Client trust GN and very satisfied to our service. From design to manufacture, and give out solution to transport, GN own a entire solution to help client built their mud station.
mud station
If you have project similar like mud station, such as waste water treatment, mining slurry tailer processing, river dredging project, HDD, TBM etc. Like these project need to treat the drilling mud , we will be pleased to provide the whole solution for your project.

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