GN Decanter Centrifuge for Solids Liquid Separation

Decanter centrifuge is one kind equipment that utilize centrifuge force to separate off the solids and liquid. Through the high rotated speed, the material inside centrifuge bowl will bear vary generated force because the different density. High density solids will settle down the bottom of centrifuge ,and the small density liquid will be on the upper layer, then reach the solids liquid separation. To use centrifuge to separate solids liquid, the solids density must higher than liquid, and the solids can not melt to liquid. This is the basic principle for centrifuge application.
GN separation with more than 15 years development, we accumulate large experience on the centrifuge manufacture and design. As begin of company funded, we are specially provide centrifuge to oil gas industry for the drilling mud treatment.Till now, we had developed the whole series Decanter centrifuge for different application with different treating capacity. From 9 inch centrifuge to 30 inch centrifuge, treating capacity from 0.5cube meter per hour to 120 cube meter per hour, from 2 phase separation to 3 phase separation, and low speed Decanter centrifuge to middle speed disc centrifuge and now the high speed tubular centrifuge. We can provide different solution for client project.



Centrifuge has very widely application, such as the mining industry, centrifuge can treat the mining slurry and also the trailing sludge, Decanter centrifuge also can dewatering the coal. Big treating capacity centrifuge also are usually for water treatment. Environment, pharmacy etc all these industry can see the centrifuge using. GN separation provide more than 400 units centrifuge to different country include series models to different industry. We also built long terms cooperation relationship with some customer and have agency in some countries. We have very competitive price and also the stable quality, win the reputation from global market. If you have demanded on these centrifuge welcome to contact us. We will be pleased to provide technical support

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