GN 30 inch Decanter Centrifuge for HDD Mud Control

GN Solids Control is the top 1 manufacturer for solids control and waste management systems. As one of the core products, GN Solids Control manufactures decanter centrifuges which can be used in varieties of industries’ slurry treating.
Now GN Solids Control decanter centrifuges include: 9 inch rotating bowl centrifuge, 12 inch rotating bowl centrifuge, 14 inch rotating bowl centrifuge and 22 inch rotating bowl centrifuge. And GN newly developed 30 inch rotating bowl decanter centrifuges are also being used for large volume slurry treating.

Decanter Centrifuge
At first GN Solids Control designed the 30 inch rotating bowl decanter centrifuge to meet the needs of Tunnel Boring Machine drilling as well as Soil Remediation. With the increasing inquires, GN Solids Control 30 inch decanter centrifuges can also be used in HDD drilling.
It well known that solids control equipment such as shale shakers, desanders or desilters are usually used for the HDD mud treating. GN shale shaker is mainly used to separate the solids larger than 100 microns, while desander fixed with 10 inch hydro cyclones are used to separated out solids larger than 50 microns, and the desilter fixed with 4 inch hydro cyclones are used separated out solids above 25 microns. The after treated mud can be reused and pump into the HDD rig for drilling. Before, there was several HDD drilling companies use decanter centrifuge as they thought solids smaller than 25 microns can be ignored. However, according to the recent surveys, it is these smaller size solids that much more harmful for the HDD drilling rig. Just take one example in Australia: one of GN Solids customers is only use GN shale shaker and GN desilter in the mud treating system. After we recommend to use on decanter centrifuge, they found the drilling efficiency has increased 20 ~30%. And the former push back problems of the HDD rig have never happened after the centrifuge is used.
GN Centrifuge is especially used to separated our solids large than 2 microns. The former working method just use shaker and hydro cyclones need to be revaluated. It’s trend to use decanter centrifuge in HDD drilling.

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