Decanter Centrifuge buying guide

Decanter Centrifuge is the machine that use high rotating speed in gravity force to separate solids from water.  The decanter centrifugeis also able to separate two liquids that differ in density as well if higher rotating speed is reached by more powerful motor which can produce higher RPM.  Depending the RPM of the decanter centrifuge motor, it can produce the rotation force in 1000 times and beyond on normal gravitational force.  The separation time need it from minutes to hours.  The bowl tube that equip with internal conveyor rotate in extreme high speed that moves in same direction but at different velocity to achieve solids separation from liquid.  Many industry such as oil and gas field, food processing field, chemical plant and environment treatment company are using decanter centrifuge.  The only difference between these industry choosing decanter centrifuge is material in the rotating bowl.  When choosing a decanter centrifuge, ensure wetted parts that makes contact with treat subject are made with high quality of steel.  Decanter centrifuge use to treat chemical and subject that will cause corrosion like drilling fluid in oil and gas industry, the metal need to choose forged titanium or haste alloy.  While food process industry, it is need to be aware of polished stainless steel because of buildup of bacteria.


Other factor need to consider while choosing decanter centrifuge is treating capacity.  This is the volume of treating subject the centrifuge can process per minute.  It is refer GPM (gallon per minute) since the purpose of decanter centrifuge is treating liquid to separate solids from it.  Decanter centrifuge treating range can be from 5 to 1000 GMP.  Another capacity to consider is the motor that drive the bowl, which can be range from 25 hp to multiple hundreds hp.  If buyer is considering used decanter centrifuge, it need to know the prior industry and usage.  This consideration is to avoid contamination, corrosive and hazardous material.  Used vendors often offer immediate installation and aggressive pricing which is advantage for time and price sensitive projects.


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