Compact Desander and Desilter from GN Solids Control Gain Popularity in the African Drilling Market

With the ever-increasing demand for energy in Africa, the drilling industry is thriving across the continent. To better meet the market demands, GN Solids Control has successfully developed and introduced its compact desander and desilter to the African market, garnering significant praise from numerous drilling companies.

The compact desander and desilter, crafted with precision by GN Solids Control, is an efficient and compact water treatment device specifically designed to treat water containing impurities such as sand particles and mud.

This dual-function equipment effectively removes impurities from the water during drilling operations, ensuring the purity of the water quality, and thus ensuring the smooth operation and extended lifespan of drilling equipment.

Utilizing advanced physical separation technology, the desander and desilter from GN Solids Control filters out large solid particles through specific sieve holes or grids. Simultaneously, it employs principles such as centrifugal force and vibration to separate fine particles and mud adhering to particle surfaces, resulting in purified mud.

The equipment’s compact design not only occupies a small footprint but also facilitates easy installation and transportation at drilling sites. Additionally, its durability, wear resistance, high-pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance ensure stable operation even in harsh working environments.

The desander’s primary role is to eliminate larger solid particles from the drilling fluid, including rock debris, gravel, and sand.

By leveraging the dynamic force and flow rate of the water, it efficiently separates these particles, minimizing wear and tear on drill bits and rods, thereby extending their lifespan. This, in turn, maintains the performance stability of the drilling fluid, crucial for the smooth progress of drilling operations.

The desilter, on the other hand, focuses on the removal of tiny solid particles.

Although these particles may seem insignificant, their presence can significantly impact drilling efficiency. The desilter’s unique working mechanism effectively removes these particles, further enhancing the cleanliness of the drilling fluid and ultimately boosting drilling efficiency.

In Africa, our desander and desilter have been successfully deployed by renowned drilling companies and have demonstrated exceptional performance. Even under continuous and demanding operating conditions, they have maintained stable performance, significantly extending the lifespan of drilling equipment and enhancing operational safety.

Moreover, GN Solids Control provides comprehensive after-sales service to its African clients. Our dedicated service team is always available to provide prompt technical support and maintenance, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the desander and desilter throughout the drilling process.

The compact desander and desilter from GN Solids Control represents a highly efficient, convenient, and durable water treatment solution for various drilling scenarios. It not only helps drilling companies improve operational efficiency and reduce costs but also contributes to environmental protection. Looking ahead, GN Solids Control will continue to invest in research and development, striving to enhance the performance and quality of its products and providing the African drilling industry with even more advanced and efficient equipment and services. We firmly believe that with our joint efforts, the drilling industry in Africa will embrace an even more prosperous and sustainable future.