Centrifuge Classification

Centrifuge has widely application on different industries, such as chemical industry, energy ,environment, beverage. All centrifuge utilized the centrifuge force generated under high rotated speed. Whatever decanter centrifuge, disc centrifuge or tube centrifuge. Today, we will classify the decanter centrifuge through the separation purpose. In generally, there are totally 3 types separation , dewatering, clarification, and separation. Dewatering is to remove out the liquid phase in the solid phase, and clarification is to remove the solid phase in the liquid phase. Concentration is to make solids in the solution increases.

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge

Dewatering is to remove out liquid from solid as much as possible. As usually, user want to get the discharged solids much dryer much better. To reach this target, the sludge need to stay more longer time inside centrifuge bowl, and solids content of discharged liquid is high relatively speaking. The cone angel was designed smaller to speed liquid discharge ,and make solid phase stay longer time in side centrifuge. Totally opposite with dewatering centrifuge ,clarifying centrifuge require to bigger cone angel as much as possible. Big cone angel will increase the length of liquid processing section, which can make the liquid stay longer inside centrifuge. User usually can get the clean liquid and wet solids. Except the above both types , separation centrifuge make it balance for discharge solids and liquid. Cone angel is in the middle between dewatering and clarify.
The cone angel of centrifuge decided the application of decanter. So when we select centrifugal model ,we need to clear what purpose we want, what treating capacity you need, and also the solids content. The centrifuge capacity is depend on the solids content of material. High content will reduce capacity. Except this, we also need to pay attention to bowl material. As usually ,centrifuge use the high strength stainless steel such as SSR 205,316L. When process slurry with chloridion , make sure the chloridion content is below the Limit, otherwise it will corrosive steel ,and damage it.

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