Brief Introduction on Treatment of Oily Sludge

What is the price of oily sludge treatment technology equipment? Because the oily sludge composition in each area is different, the solution is different. The price is also different, now our country attaches great importance to environmental protection, decades ago buried oily sludge has also been dug to solve, this kind of oily sludge solution is not the same, the price is not the same. General oily sludge treatment technology equipment manufacturers to solve a ton of oily sludge in 200-300 yuan. In the second half of this year, more and more companies intervene in oily sludge solution, and the price relativity is also reduced.

Technical methods are generally as follows:

  1. Automatic feeding: The single bucket sludge bucket lifting machine with unique design scheme is used to consider the transportation of liquid, solid and semi-solid oily sludge, and then the oily sludge is sent immediately from the oily sludge tank to the moving pretreatment equipment to consider continuous feeding. And the bucket lift machine raw material entrance place sets up the junior middle school level pick miscellaneous net slot, can avoid the ribbon, the stick and so on block dirty matter enters the solution system software.
  2. Pretreatment: Oily Sludge in Oily Sludge Treatment Technical Equipment According to the interaction between Sludge Sorting Runner and Grate Plate, the sludge of block coalescer is scattered according to the rotation of Sludge Sorting Runner, and more than 20 mm of sludge is pushed into the bulk raw material collection box on one side of the pretreatment equipment by the Sorting Runner. Sludge less than 20 mm is sifted into the sludge pretreatment tank according to the round hole of the Sorting grate plate. According to the mutual effect of oily sludge sorting runner and grate plate, the sludge removal, chemical fiber crushing, symmetrical dispersion, oil slurry storage and transportation are completed.
  3. Cleaning: In the oily sludge level II level III cleaning equipment. According to the efficacy of medicine, ultrasonic wave, air floatation machine, mixing and so on, the oily sludge is collected, cleaned and dispersed oil is removed.
  4. Solid-liquid separation equipment: high-efficiency environmental protection and energy-saving pig manure dehydrator to complete the separation of solid sludge and liquid.
  5. Water and oil solution: oil-bearing sludge treatment technology equipment manufacturers according to the three-level cleaning equipment collected floating oil to the oil storage tank, oil storage tank for precipitation of water can be transported to the storage tank. According to the liquid extracted by high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving pig manure dehydrator into the water storage tank, the floating oil in the water storage tank can be collected and typed into the oil storage tank, and the boiling water can be reused as a return water.

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