Benefit of drilling waste management with regard to Auger Rig

Fundamental building associated with drilling waste management  for that Auger rig

The united states Auger drilling rig is extremely well-known worldwide, a brand new Zealand customer purchased a good Auger drilling rig through The united states as well as select GNdrilling  waste  management  program in order to work. Since the best  drilling waste management  may select best dirt program along with numerous particulars unique ask for to suit their own requirement of fast paced.

drilling waste management-7

1. two models GNPS703 BEM shale shaker along with 660GPM capability every

two. 1 arranged GNPJ703 BEM dirt solution along with 1000GPM capability

3. two arranged 55KW centrifugal pump motor with regard to giving cones

four. two arranged 55KW combining pump motor along with dirt hoppers

5. 1 arranged 55KW shear pump motor along with dirt hopper

6. Dirt Agitators as well as dirt weapons upon dirt container

1. Every container along with containner stage that simple with regard to fast paced

two. two shaker as well as 1 dirt solution upon 1 skid with regard to fast paced

3. Dirt agitators along with other gear will remain upon container with regard to fast paced

four. Pathway as well as handrail foled upon container with regard to fast paced

5. Pick the BEM shaker with regard to much better overall performance

6. More than 130 nos carry kind control device can be used with this drilling waste management  with regard to handy manage.

7. Much more complecated pipeline agreement with regard to simple procedure

8. Various associated with container area with regard to combining various dirt or even materials

GN Solids Manage offers exported in order to a lot more than forty eight nations such as Brand new Zealand the industry excellent marketplace with regard to marketplace. Essential oil Drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE, CBM as well as slurry splitting up drilling waste management  would be the 3 devisions associated with GN Solids Manage, Make sure you contact  GN readily with regard to inqury!more information  about us  click  the  website.

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