ATEX Certified GNZYQ1000A Poorboy Degasser and GNZCQ270B Mud Gas Separator Delivered to European Client

In a significant development for the drilling industry, a valued European client has received ATEX certified equipment from GN Solids Control. The equipment, featuring the model numbers GNZYQ1000A and GNZCQ270B, serves the vital purpose of gas removal from drilling fluids.
GNZYQ1000A, functioning as the primary gas separation device, plays a pivotal role in effectively eliminating gas contaminants from drilling mud. GNZCQ270B, employed post-vibrating screen processing, offers secondary gas separation, ensuring a comprehensive approach to gas removal.
The presence of gas contaminants in drilling fluids is known to significantly impact fluid density and overall performance. In some instances, these gases may contain flammable and toxic components, making their removal not only beneficial but a safety imperative for drilling operations.
2023.10.13 Vacuum Degasser
One of the standout features of the GN Solids Control equipment is its ATEX certification. This certification ensures that the equipment complies with the strict safety standards outlined in the ATEX directive, a European regulatory framework designed to ensure safe operation in potentially explosive atmospheres where gas mixtures may be present.
The GNZYQ1000A and GNZCQ270B equipment models are engineered to meet the stringent safety and performance standards demanded by the European market, further underlining GN Solids Control’s commitment to delivering innovative and compliant solutions to its global clientele.
Beyond the ATEX certified Poorboy Degasser and Mud Gas Separator equipment, GN Solids Control excels in providing comprehensive drilling solids control equipment, including vibrating screens, centrifuges, agitators, desanders, mud guns, and more. The brand is synonymous with quality and reliability in the drilling industry.
GN Solids Control continues to assert itself as a trusted and innovative brand in the drilling industry. Their dedication to delivering high-quality, ATEX certified equipment showcases their commitment to ensuring the safety and success of drilling operations globally.
GN Solids Control is a leading provider of comprehensive solid-liquid separation solutions for the oil and gas industry. The company’s dedication to innovation, safety, and excellence is evident in its wide range of equipment designed to meet the evolving needs of the global drilling industry. GN Solids Control’s ATEX certified equipment is a testament to its commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions for its clients.