An efficient way of transferring sludge

There is always the need to transfer material other than liquid from one place to another. Examples are everywhere, from coal mine to construction side, from steel mills to agriculture.

There are many ways to transfer such material as well, from trucking, to tanking, etc., featuring high cost and low efficiency.

There is limitation for the above means of transferring non-liquid material too. For instance, transferring coal bring the potential of environment contamination. Other means of the movement of such materials is in bad need.

Vacuum pump manufactured by GN Solids Control solves this problem.

GN vacuum pump can transfer sludge, solids particles ( no more than 50mm or 75mm in size) to locations up to 1000m from pump location.

GN vacuum pumps uses venturi pipe to generate vacuum, and sucks sludges from tanks, pits, etc., and sends them to the closed buffer tanks. After a pre-set material level is established inside the buffer tank, the vacuum pipe will stop sucking and compressed air is applied into the tank to force the material inside the buffer tank to go outward. Because the high pressure of the compressed air, sludges can be transferred a long distance.

The advantages of GN vacuum pump are:

  1. Safety. For instance mine camp waste can be safely transferred by vacuum pump. Other material such as life sludge can be transferred without affecting the health of the operator;
  2. Environmentally friendly. Because the complete sucking & discharing & transferring process is done in a sealed pip route, no material is being leaked out from the route and there is no contamination to the environment;
  3. High efficiency: GN vacuum pump has the capability of 10m3/h, 20m3/h and 40m3/h without the assistance of other machinery;
  4. Flexibility: GN vacuum pumps can be used to transfer sludge, liquid, solids, tail mine, construction waste, from tanks, pits, river, etc., almost from any locations;
  5. Versatile. Such pumps can also be used as a mobile equipment. It can be mounted on a truck, on a boat. For instance, it can be mounted on a vessel, suck up a dredge in a water surrended location, and transfer the dredge to the land.

GN vacuum pump has great potential in industry and daily life. If you have want to know more about this vacuum pump please visit

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