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The Using Limited of Shale Shaker in Solids Control Industry

As we all know shale shaker is the core equipment of solids control system for drilling mud treatment. But there are some situation which is not suitable to use shake :
shale shaker
When the end of the shale shaker starts to overflow drilling fluid (or the liquid phase in the drilling fluid), it indicates that the shale shaker has reached the limit of solid-liquid separation capacity. This limit is determined by the following two factors: (1) Fluid treatment limit, i.e. the maximum drilling fluid flow rate that can be handled by the shale shaker. (2) Solid phase treatment limit, that is the maximum amount of solid phase that the shale shaker can transport to the outlet. These two factors restrict each other. If the number of solid phase treated increases, the number of liquid phase that can be treated decreases.
All type of shale shaker and screen surface combination has a pure liquid phase (excluding solid phase) processing capacity, which depends on the characteristic parameters of the shale shaker (such as gravity factor, vibration frequency, vibration type, screen surface installation angle, etc.), screen surface characteristics (such as screen surface area and conductivity), and fluid performance (viscosity, density, additives, and fluid type). The treatment ability of pure liquid phase characterizes the treatment limit value when no solid phase is separated from the liquid phase. For the convenience of discussion, it is assumed here that there is no solid phase in the drilling fluid that is larger than the mesh size, although this is unlikely to occur in actual operation. The vibrating screen cloth is a percolation medium, and its treatment capacity is determined by permeability, grid distribution density (conductivity) and effective filter vector area. When the fluid viscosity increases (the influence of plastic viscosity is crucial, but the influence of dynamic shear force and gel strength cannot be ignored), the handling limit of the shale shaker decreases. When the fluid density increases, the treatment limit of the shale shaker increases. This is because when the drilling fluid flows through the screen surface, the increased weight will exert a downward force on the screen surface, thus making the drilling fluid pass through the screen surface faster.
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There are lots factor will affect the shaker performance, GN solids control is one of the shaker manufacture, if your project have demanded on this equipment, welcome to contact us.

GN 9 Inch Decanter Centrifuge for Diamond Core Drilling Mud Process

As we all know GN solids control has focused on the solids -liquid separation equipment for more than 15 years. Since the foundation, we had served more than 7000 customer and exported 76 countries, and built long term cooperate relationship with lots top global company, not only from oil gas industry, but also from mining industry. In solids liquid separation equipment, Decanter centrifuge is the most widely using machine ,and it is the core machine in the separation system. Last week we delivered several sets centrifuge units to European customer for diamond core drilling.
Decanter centrifuge
Most work of diamond core drilling is in the filed, use diamond rig to drill the ground to get the mineral sample and test it to find the mine resource. This diamond rig machine is very small machine , and only consume a small quantity of mud, so most time it only require a single mini Decanter centrifuge to treat the drilling mud. Remove out the drill cutting and recycle the mud for reuse. GN 9 inch centrifuge is specially developed for this diamond drilling project. It is very small size and convenient for user to transport it in wield. Small power consumption and small treating capacity only 120 liter per hour, however this treating capacity is enough for these diamond drilling project.
This mini Decanter centrifuge mounted on a small mud tank to catch the discharged liquid, and then the pump can transfer the liquid back to drilling system. The centrifuge variable speed can satisfied most different kinds material, client can adjust speed according to the solids content and particle size. The user only need to take this single unit to solve most separation work.
Except 9 inch centrifuge, we also have 14, 18, 20 and 30 inch centrifuge for different using ,such as coal dewatering. If your project have demanded on our equipment, welcome to contact us .

The Application of Decanter Centrifuge

Compared with other separation machines, Decanter centrifuge can not only obtain solid phase with low moisture content and high-purity liquid phase, but also has the advantages of small volume, good sealing, continuous operation, automatic remote control, etc., so it is widely used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, petroleum refining, light T Medicine, food, textile, metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, shipping, environmental protection, military industry and other departments, such as the recovery of coal powder from wet coal mining; Purification and reuse of drilling mud for oil exploitation; Enrichment of uranium isotopes; Sludge thickening and dewatering for sewage treatment; Refining of petrochemical products; Extraction of antibiotics and pesticides; Manufacturing of milk, yeast, beer, juice, sugar, orange oil, animal and vegetable oil, rice bran oil, starch and other foods; Fabric fiber dehydration; It can be seen that centrifuges are required for the purification of lubricating oil and fuel oil, and centrifuges have become widely used separation equipment in various sectors of the national economy. The application functions of centrifuge mainly include dehydration, clarification, concentration, classification, separation, etc. Different centrifuge models must be selected according to different material characteristics and separation requirements, which leads to the problem of centrifuge selection. In the actual production process, due to the selection of appropriate separation equipment in some projects, the process is simple, energy consumption is reduced, product quality is improved, and good economic benefits are achieved; However, the production process can not be carried out normally due to improper selection of centrifuges, resulting in large economic losses. Therefore, in the engineering design and technical transformation, how to correctly select the centrifuge is recognized and valued by the majority of engineers and technicians
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GN Solids control is one of the top centrifuge manufacture of China. They have the design ability and also manufacture series model centrifuge with different treating capacity. They also have different model for different application. If your project have demand on these equipment, we welcome to contact us, we will share our experience and provide technical support.