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Desander and Centrifuge Unit for Construction Mud Treatment to Overseas Company

As construction companies expand their horizons internationally, the need for advanced equipment capable of handling diverse types of construction mud becomes paramount. GN Solids Control has been providing tailored solutions to meet these challenges. We delve into GN’s Desander and GNLW224 Decanter Centrifuge, two pivotal pieces of equipment used in overseas construction mud treatment projects.

One of the cornerstones of GN’s solution is the Desander, a remarkable device designed to efficiently separate large solid particles from construction mud. Construction mud often contains a mix of solids and liquids, making it imperative to remove unwanted particles before further processing. GN’s Desander performs this task with precision, ensuring that the mud is prepped for subsequent stages of treatment.
Desander Plant 2023.09.27
Large Particle Separation: The Desander excels at removing large solid particles, enhancing the overall quality of the mud.
Robust Design: GN has continuously improved its Desander based on feedback from thousands of projects, resulting in a rugged and reliable unit.
Customization: GN’s Desander can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project, providing flexibility and adaptability.
For projects that demand even finer mud treatment, GN offers the GNLW224 Decanter Centrifuge. This sophisticated equipment takes the mud treatment process to the next level by separating fine solid particles from the liquid phase. It is especially beneficial when time is of the essence and expedited mud clarification is required.
Fine Particle Separation: The centrifuge’s high-speed operation effectively separates tiny solid particles from the mud, ensuring superior clarity.
Stability: GN’s Decanter Centrifuge is renowned for its stability and consistent performance, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.
Continual Upgrades: GN’s commitment to excellence is evident in the ongoing improvements made to the Decanter Centrifuge based on real-world project experience.
In the global construction industry, effective mud treatment is pivotal for project success. GN Solids Control’s Desander and GNLW224 Decanter Centrifuge play indispensable roles in achieving this. They are the result of years of research, development, and refinement based on the feedback from a multitude of projects..
In the ever-evolving world of construction, GN Solids Control continues to be a trusted partner, providing innovative solutions for construction mud treatment that meet and exceed the demands of international projects.

GN Company Shines at the 2023 Indonesia Exhibition for Mining and Oil Industry

GN Company proudly showcased its latest innovations at the prestigious 2023 Indonesia Exhibition for Mining and Oil Industry. This exhibition featured an array of cutting-edge products, including medium-sized linear screens, large banana screens, multi-layer vibrating screens, tailings dewatering centrifuges, solid vacuum pumps, and petroleum solids control equipment such as drilling fluid vibrating screens, horizontal screw centrifuges, and drilling fluid shale shakers.
2023.09.18 Indonesia Exhibition 1
With over 15 years of unwavering commitment to the field of solids control equipment, GN has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to better serve the oil and gas, as well as mining industries. The star of the exhibition was the newly developed vibrating screen, a testament to GN’s dedication to innovation and excellence. This device, the result of years of research and development, combines the best features of existing products in the market with GN’s own technical expertise to offer unparalleled efficiency and stability.
GN Company’s foray into the vibrating screen segment marks a significant milestone. This state-of-the-art equipment not only leverages the strengths found in other products but also incorporates GN’s unique technical insights and years of experience, resulting in a device that is both highly efficient and remarkably stable. The success of all these showcased products can be attributed to GN’s unrelenting spirit in advancing separation technology.
The medium-sized linear screens and large banana screens garnered considerable attention for their exceptional performance in mineral processing and solid-liquid separation. These machines promise to revolutionize how industries handle various materials, making them more versatile and efficient in the mining sector.
Additionally, the tailings dewatering centrifuges and solid vacuum pumps exhibited their prowess in managing challenging slurry and waste disposal tasks. GN’s petroleum solids control equipment, including drilling fluid vibrating screens, horizontal screw centrifuges, and drilling fluid shale shakers, demonstrated their capacity to optimize drilling operations while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.
In conclusion, GN Company’s participation in the 2023 Indonesia Exhibition for Mining and Oil Industry was a testament to its enduring dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of separation technology. GN’s latest vibrating screen represents a leap forward in technology, underlining the company’s relentless pursuit of perfection in service to the oil and gas and mining industries.

GN Upgrades the Shipping Package for Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is a vital component in GN Solids Control’s lineup of sludge conveying equipment. Designed in-house, this conveyor plays a crucial role in meeting the material separation and conveying needs of customers when integrated with other separation equipment. The screw conveyor has received positive feedback from numerous domestic and international clients due to its reliable operation and easy maintenance. However, during transportation, the conventional wooden packaging used for the equipment posed certain limitations such as large size, low strength, lack of equipment protection, non-reusability, and susceptibility to mold. In response to customer requirements, GN Solids Control has upgraded the shipping package to a more robust iron framework, providing enhanced equipment protection and reducing transportation costs. GN is committed to listening to customer feedback and continuously upgrading product details to better meet their needs.
Benefits of the Upgraded Shipping Package:
Enhanced Equipment Protection: The new iron framework packaging offers improved protection for the screw conveyor during transportation. Its sturdy construction ensures that the equipment remains secure and intact, minimizing the risk of damage.
Cost Reduction: The upgraded packaging solution helps reduce transportation costs. The iron framework is reusable, eliminating the need for frequent repackaging and reducing the overall packaging expenses.
Mold Resistance: Unlike wooden packaging, which is prone to mold growth, the iron framework is resistant to moisture and mold. This ensures that the equipment remains in optimal condition, even during long-distance transportation or storage in humid environments.
Customer-Centric Approach: GN Solids Control values customer feedback and strives to meet their evolving needs. By upgrading the shipping package for the screw conveyor, GN demonstrates its commitment to providing improved solutions and enhancing customer satisfaction.
The upgrade of the shipping package for the screw conveyor by GN Solids Control marks a significant improvement in equipment protection and transportation efficiency. The transition from conventional wooden packaging to a durable iron framework offers enhanced equipment safety, reduced transportation costs, and improved resistance to mold. GN’s customer-centric approach is evident in its willingness to listen to customer feedback and continuously upgrade product details. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, GN Solids Control ensures that its equipment meets the highest standards and delivers optimal performance in various material separation and conveying applications.

HDD Mud Recycling System to Middle East

GN Solids Control, a leading provider of drilling fluid management solutions, has recently designed and manufactured a state-of-the-art HDD Mud Recycling System for a valued client in the Middle East. This mud recycling system is set to revolutionize the way Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) projects are executed in the region.
The HDD Mud Recycling System comprises three essential components: a mud jet mixer, shale shaker, and desilter. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in optimizing the drilling process and ensuring the efficient management of drilling fluids.
The mud jet mixer, at the heart of the system, is responsible for the preparation of fresh drilling mud. Its precision mixing capabilities guarantee a consistent and high-quality drilling fluid composition, ensuring that the drilling operation remains smooth and uninterrupted.
Mud Cleaner 2023.09.07

Solids Control System 2023.09.07
The shale shaker and desilter components are instrumental in the separation of solid particles from the drilling mud, enabling the recovery and reuse of valuable drilling fluids. This not only significantly reduces the overall drilling fluid consumption but also minimizes environmental pollution, aligning with modern environmental standards and regulations.
What sets this HDD Mud Recycling System apart is its remarkable efficiency and stability. It offers a reliable and continuous operation, enhancing the productivity of HDD projects while minimizing downtime. The system’s ability to recover and recycle drilling fluids not only saves costs for the client but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable drilling process.
GN Solids Control’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction shines through in this exceptional HDD Mud Recycling System. GN Solids Control reaffirms its position as a global leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for the oil and gas industry. The customized design with stritcly cost control, we help client to solve their issue and save cost. Weclome to contact us to know more GN equipment.