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GN Solids Control Invite you join the 2023 CIPPE Beijing Oil Equipment Exhibition 

CIPPE Beijing oil equipment exhibition is the biggest show of oil gas industry of China. It attracted lots people to display their new technical, new equipment and also looking forward to get new business opportunity. GN Solids control particle in this exhibition every year. It a good chance for us to meet our client, spread our brand. GN solids control this brand was be known by more and more people from all over the world. The strict quality control and quick service response help GN built long term relationship with lots customer of different country.

With China opening up from pandemic, the 2023 CIPPE show must restore the former grand occasion. As we all know from 2020. Covid-19 broken the travel plan of lots people. Most the foreigner is no way to go abroad. CIPPE as a global exhibition, many seller and buyer of other country will be attend also. For 2023 exhibition , GN prepared lots equipment and did well ready work aim to show our equipment to visitor. We will show GN Vacuum shale shaker, Decanter centrifuge, Vertical cutting dryer, Solids vacuum pump,Screw conveyor, Shaker screen and also some unit system for drill cutting or oil sludge treatment. All these equipment are widely used at different drilling project.
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As a famous manufacture of solids control equipment. GN will also joint many other abroad exhibition this year. Such as OTC of America. Actually, GN solids control attend OTC every year, as you know we have branch in Houston, so it is the most important show for us. The address of CIPPE is very near to GN manufacture. You will be welcomed to visit GN company after the show. We will be pleased to show you our production line, and share the project experience in oil gas industry. Hope to see you in CIPPE.

The Bug Shotting of GN Solids Vauum Pump

GN Solids Vacuum pump is one new type pump, which used to transfer the high solids content. It is totally driven by high pressure air. It is safety and also can be used in every where with high requirement to fireproof. The most important is this pump can transfer dry solids or high solids content material that the normal pump can not do. All the pump component is driven by air, such as air Pneumatic ram valve.
The following photos can show the status of every valve when the pump loading and unloading. The pump work sequence : Air compressor provide air to the venturi, utilize venture structure, which will suck out air from pump tank, and generate vacuum space. Then the pump start to suck material to mud tank. The suck period and discharge period are adjustable. After completing sucking. The air will directly fill into mud tank to push material and discharge out from tank.
According to the above sequence. When pump load. A1 Sucking valve is opening ,B3 discharge valve closing, A2 air valve is closing (This valve used to control the air if it get into mud tank ). When all the mentioned valve at above status, the pump will suck material into tank.

When the tank full with material, all the valve will change status to discharge material. A1 valve to close to stop material get into tank. B3 valve will open to allow material discharge from tank. A2 valve will open and transfer the direction of air flow to feed them into mud tank. And then high pressure air will push sludge out of mud tank.

The loading and unloading time can be setup on control box through a Pneumatic timing. Normal loading time will longer than unloading time. Sometimes, the 5-way -valve inside control box also easy to lead pump issue. So it is necessary to clean this valve regularly.