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GN Decanter Centrifuge and Disc Centrifuge for Fermentation Liquid Separation

One our Canada client asked give out solution for the fermentation liquid separation. This fermentation is from animal manure, client want us remove out the solids as much as possible. It is different with other separation project ,because the solids content is small.
decanter centrifuge

decanter centrifuge
According to the data sheet of material, the solids content is less than 5%, and the most of the particle is smaller than 75um. As usually we will suggest client to add flocculant chemical to material to combine the tiny solids into bigger ,and then feed it into decanter centrifuge. But in this project, it is forbidden to add any chemical medicine. That is the biggest challenge in this project. One other challenge is the flow rate is 25m3/Hour.

In this kind project, 2 phase disc centrifuge is the best optional, but due to the huge treating capacity, we need to use several sets disc centrifuge as it treating capacity is only 8m3/Hour. That will increase the cost of equipment. After discuss with engineer, firstly we will feed the material into decanter centrifuge to reduce the solids content as much as possible, and then feed the liquid into disc centrifuge. The lower concentration liquid will improve the separation capacity of disc centrifuge.
In this project, client have no requirement to the dryness of discharged solids, so we do not need extra dryer facility for further treatment. because the discharged solids from disc centrifuge is very wet, it through the flush water to discharge solids. Different with disc centrifuge ,the discharged solid from Decanter centrifuge is very drey,but the liquid is not as clean as disc centrifuge.
GN Decanter treating capacity from 6 cube meter to 120 cube meter with vary model ,and the disc centrifuge capacity is between 1 cube meter to 25 cube meter. All these capacity is calculated when treat the clean water. We almost can satisfied all the project demanded. If you have demanded on these equipment, welcome to contact us .

Large Mud Decanter Centrifuge System for TBM engineering company

Last week we delivered 1 set slurry processing system to customer for their TBM project. Tunnel boring is one very popular system to for the tunnel project , especially for some city subway building. In the boring program, it also need drilling mud to cool the rig machine and flush the solids ,and take it our from the tunnel. This will consume large water to mix the drilling mud. Drilling mud is very expensive and high pollution, it is very necessary to recycle it for reuse.
In this customer project, the job site is at downtown of city. The customer require our system to dryer the solids as much as possible to convenient transportation. And do not allow the liquid out of system and pollute the job site. This project is in winter, so we load all equipment into container to make sure the equipment will work under the best most adapt temperature. For this project, we recommend our GNLW764 Decanter centrifuge and chemical dosing unit .GNLW764 is the biggest Decanter model of GN, the diameter of centrifuge bowl is 760mm , and the length is 4 times of diameter. The wider bowl diameter means the Decanter can generate biggest G force under the same rotated speed. Actually, this model Decanter will generate 3000G force when the speed reach 2600 RPM. The discharged solids will be dry enough. The model Decanter capacity is 140m3/hour, we only need one unit to finish all the slurry processing job.
Except Decanter centrifuge, the automatic chemical dosing unit will mix flocculant and feed it into material. The tiny particle smaller than 5 um will combine into bigger particle by the flocculant influence. It will help decater centrifuge to separate out the solids and get more clarify mud. In the system , you may see the discharged solids from Decanter cent will be directly transfer away by screw conveyor. All the treating process need less labor work.

GN is good at provide the customized solution for drilling mud treatment, we have more than 15 years in this industry, if your project have demanded on our equipment, welcome to contact to us.