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GN Solids Control are in deep business relation ship with PetroChina.

The oil-based drilling cuttings system sold by GN Solids Control to PetroChina has been well received by customers. GN Solids Control has been unanimously recognized by customers for its good use of field equipment. GN Solids Control equipment personnel are designed according to the actual situation of customers. The oil-based drilling cuttings and drying system has once again been recognized by the leaders of the CNPC and the well team workers. After the treatment by the GN Solids Control’s cuttings and dry system, the treatment cost of the mud transportation is reduced and the environmental requirements are met. The foundation drilling cuttings drying system is very popular among customers.

At present, the oil-based drilling cuttings drying system produced by GN Solids Control has formed a complete armored system through strict production, assembly and testing processes. The whole system centrifuge and cuttings dryer are placed on one tank. It is composed of auxiliary auxiliary equipment screw pump and electric control. The cuttings dryer can discharge debris. The liquid phase discharged from the centrifuge directly flows into the bottom collection tank. When the drilling fluid needs to be transported, it can be transported by a transfer pump or the tank can be connected to a tank of a similar height. The cuttings dryer is a single-stage continuous horizontal scraper centrifuge. The cuttings dryer can effectively recover the oily components in the cuttings, the processing capacity is 30-50 tons per hour, the oil content of the cuttings is less than 5%, and the discharge scraper is cast from high chromium cast iron. Long, the speed of up to 900RPM, can form a separation factor of 420G, effectively separate the liquid in the cuttings, the cuttings dryer separates the oil-based cuttings, and the oil in the composite drill cuttings. Thereby achieving the purpose of reducing harmful substances and recovering useful drilling fluid. Under the action of centrifugal force, the solid particles are pushed to the inner wall of the drum, and are pushed by the blades on the auger to the small end of the drum to discharge, and the liquid phase overflows through the overflow hole at the big end of the drum. This cycle continues to achieve continuous separation.

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