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new product——the GNLW363D-FHD decanter centrifuge

GN Solids Control is a leading manufacturer of solids control equipment and systems. The company started its first business in 2007, and our main goal has always been quality and reliability, which helps our customers save money and variable time. Of the total equipment we offer, three main products have proven to be stronger, durable and reliable: mud shakers, decanter centrifuges and cutting dryers.

Recently, GN released its new product, the GNLW363D-FHD decanter centrifuge. So today, let’s understand the meaning of the product name. GN curse it is the abbreviation of our company’s full name Guan Neng, LW means it is a horizontal spiral product. 363 indicates that the bowl has a diameter of 360 mm, which is equivalent to 14 inches. 3 indicates that the length of the bowl is about 3 times the diameter. This ratio is specifically designed by the technician to ensure good performance at work. D represents the 4th generation decanter centrifuge. FHD means full hydraulic drive. All configurations are of a high standard to meet the requirements of most customers. The bowl is made of double-layer SS 2205 / SS 2304. The material of the screw conveyor is made of SS 304 / SS 315. The surface is protected by tungsten carbide brick. It is more durable and more reliable, which saves customers’ money and saves customers. cost. In operation and maintenance. And the solid steel discharge port also uses a tungsten carbide insert. The bearings still use the world famous SKF. The FHD system is a VISCOTHERM fully hydraulic drive. The electrical control system is intelligent PLC control. The coating used Cosco & Kansai Zinc Rich Epoxy Coating. The device can be used in extremely high temperature environments where the mud is heavier. The decanter is designed and assembled on the slide for easy movement, saving transportation time and cost.

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mud recovery system

With the rapid development of oil and gas exploration and production technology, the traditional mud recovery system has been gradually replaced by an automated, systematic, closed-loop mud recovery system. Cutting dryers are increasingly being used with solids control systems in rigs to meet critical environmental requirements. Cutting dryers can meet environmental requirements, recover and recycle more materials for reuse.

Among all GN products, one of them is a star product, a cutting dryer. It exhibits excellent performance in both the solids control and waste management pipelines. There are two types of cutting dryers, fixed speed and VFD. GN can manufacture them according to the requirements of different customers, saving customers money. The sieve bowl has a maximum diameter of 930 mm. You can choose from three different types of screens, 250 micron, 350 micron and 500 micron. The processing capacity is 30 to 50 tons per hour. Tungsten carbide protects the threads on the rotor from abrasive solids, ensuring a longer service life. The special design of the high-pressure air knife can automatically and easily clean the net, avoiding the blindness of the mud and water-based mud to the screen. A flushing system with specially designed nozzles around the main body of the cutting dryer prevents the liquid discharge passage from being blocked by deposits. The lubrication system is electrically interlocked with the main motor starter to prevent the machine from operating with low or no oil pressure in the gearbox. The VFD control panel can facilitate soft start, and the fingertip control of the VFD system can change the speed of the motor, so that the G force can be changed to the working state. The VFD system is manufactured by ABB or SIEMENS and is explosive.

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GN Drilling Waste Management System