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GN Oil Slurry Treating Plant for Africa

As the world most famous manufacturer, GN Solids Control is devoted to provide the best solids and liquid separation equipment and systems. GN Solids Control has been working on manufacturing and designing turnkey systems based on customers’ demands, most of GN treating systems are tailored to meet their needs.
Recently, GN Solids Control has provided some turnkey oil slurry treating systems to Europe and Africa. GN oil slurry treating systems are mainly used on treating thick oil slurry such as bottom oil tank slurry, refinery slurry etc. By using GN oil slurry system, solids, oil and water can be separated into different parts.
GN oil slurry treating plant is mainly including the following GN equipment:gn-oil-slurry-treating-plant
1. GN Shaker Tank
By using one GN vacuum pump, the oil slurry can be transferred to the shaker tank. GN shale shaker separates the solids larger than 100 microns, coarse solids are collected by a catching tank below the shaker.
In order to keep the separated slurry from sediment, GN mud agitators are also fixed on the shaker tank and kept rotating.
2. GN Centrifuge Tank
The after treated slurry is added and mixed with different Acid or Alkali in order to have the proper value. Polymer and chemicals are added into the decanter centrifuge tank, so the finer solids can be separated out by GN decanter centrifuge.
In order to keep the thick slurry running well, GN shaker tank and GN centrifuge tank are also assembled with heating lines.
3. GN Slant Clarifer
GN slant clarifier is especially designed to separate small solids in the oil and water by gravity. Many pieces of slope metals are assembled inside to help separate. This is the first separation phase for oil and water.
4. Oil &Water Separator
GN oil and water and separator is used to separate oil and water separately. There is one oil surge tank and water surge tank fixed after the oil and water separator, they are used to feed the water and oil into the afterwards oil tank and water tank separately.

GN Dredging System to Separate Finer Solids

GN Solids Control is leading solids and liquid separation manufacturer. GN whole product line includes shakers, desanders, desilters, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. GN Solids Control provides standard treating system to meet customers urgent demands, while for those customers have special demands, GN Solids Control also provides customized solutions.
Recently, GN Solids Control has received many inquiries on the dredging slurry treating. In the past, GN Solids provided many slurry treating systems with shakers, desanders and desilters. As we know GN desilters are assembled with 4 inch cyclones, they can separate the solids larger than 25 microns. While some other customers have higher demands on the slurry particles, GN Solids Control recommends using decanter centrifuge with flocculent
Generally speaking, typical dredging slurry includes 5~20% solids, 0~70% coarse debris (usually larger then 6mm),10~100% sands (diameter is around 0.07~6mm) and finer particles like clays or silts or organics 0~100% (diameter is less than 0.07mm). In order to separate out those finer solids, GN centrifuge is a necessary choice.
Let’s take one GN 350GPM treating system as an example:
1. Double deck shaker
GN double deck shaker is using opening mesh screen on the top deck to separate the large materials out, while the bottom deck shaker is using common composite API shaker screens.
2. Desander
One GN 10 inch desander cyclone is used after the double deck shaker. Desander cyclone to separate the solids larger than 55 microns. One centrifugal pump is also fixed on the tank to feed the cyclone.
3. Flocculent System
GN flocculent system has a compact structure, all the devices are put in one 20ft standard container. Flocculent will be mixed thoroughly with the slurry separated from desander, those slurry is feed into the GN centrifuge by GN screw pump.
4. Decanter Centrifuge
Two sets GN decanter centrifuge GNLW453 are used for treating finer solids. As the flocculent system helps to collect all those finer solids and get larger, they will be easily separated out by GN centrifuge. Due to the increasing of the gravity, the solids percentage is getting bigger, so centrifuge actual working capacity is around 350GPM.

GN Solids Control Will Attend the 2016 OSEA

The end of 2016 is in the corner, GN Solids Control has attended many global oil and gas shows or conferences this year. While GN Solids Control has another great conference will exhibit our centrifuge which is the 2016 OSEA.
As we all know, 2016 OSEA is the 21st International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition. OSEA has been successfully established for more than forty years. Every year, OSEA has thousands of professional exhibitors joining this great event from forty-eight countries. The 2016 OSEA conference and exhibition is estimated to have more than 16,000 attendees joining and share brilliant opinions on the oil and gas industry newly development and successful experiences.
As the leading manufacturer of on solids control and drill cuttings management systems, GN Solids Control has witnessed the fast growth of global market. Although the North America market is still very slow, GN Solids Control believe with the new president of Donald Trump starting to eliminate the strictions and rules, the North America market will have a fast growth in 2017.

The 2016 OSEA is from November 29th to December 2nd in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. GN booth no. is 1G5-01, 24.
This year, GN Solids Control will exhibit one decanter centrifuge GNLW363 in this show. GNLW363 is a 14inch rotating bowl decanter centrifuge, which are largely used by customers for various solids control and drilling waste management. Just several months ago, GN Solids Control delivered more than 10 sets decanter centrifuges to Baker Hughes. GN decanter centrifuges have been widely proved to be one of the most cost-effective equipment for solids and liquid separation.
Besides this Singapore show, GN Solids Control also came back from the ADIPEC show with some prospects. GN Solids Control also joins the OTC every year with 2 booths. As the branch company of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America LLC has a Houston warehouse which stocks many decanter centrifuges and some other equipment such as shakers, cuttings dryers etc.

GN Mining System for South America Customer

GN Solids Control is especially good at manufacturing mud treating and recycling systems. Most of GN mud systems are using in oil and gas area for providing clean drilling fluids. GN mud systems are largely used in some other industries, such as the diamond drilling, core drilling, mining etc. Just some days before, GN Solids Control provided one set of mining dewatering system.
This system is including one mini shaker GNZS752 and one mini centrifuge GNLW223. Both of those above equipment are located on one mud tank.
It is well known that GN Solids Control shakers are effectively used as the first phase separation. GN Solids Control also produces shaker screens in many different sizes, basically, the well-known shaker screens that you have ever seen in the market can be manufactured by GN Solids Control. GN manufactures various of replacement shaker screens for world famous shaker screens such as National, Fluid System, King Cobra, Derrick etc. GN Solids Control also manufactures its own size shaker screens for GNZS752 and some other models.

GN Mini Centrifuge and Mini Shaker
Mining slurry is treated by GN mini shaker firstly, coarse solids can be separated out by GN shaker. Slurry is feed into the mini 9 inch decanter centrifuge with a screw pump after treated by shaker. Here the mini centrifuge separate out the solids larger than 2~5 microns.
GN Solids Control built this mining slurry system in a compact design. Shaker and centrifuge are all fixed on a small mud tank which has two compartments: one compartment is used to stock the slurry separated by the shaker, while the other tank is used to stock the overflow from the shaker tank. Clean fluids discharged from mini centrifuge will also be stocked in the second compartment.

In order to add and mix chemicals conveniently, GN Solids Control also add one mud hopper for this treating system. One control cabinet to control the centrifugal pump is also assembled for on and off.
Now GN Houston warehouse has one mini shaker and two mini centrifuges in stock, welcome to have a look when you have time. vv