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GN Team Had Fun on Outward bound

GN Team Had Fun on Outward bound
Last week, GN Solids Control held one outward bound in Beijing Great Wall, all GN employees had fund and learned in this outward bound. 160526 GN Outdoor Training 1
GN Solids Control pays great attention to employees’ fully development. Actually, all GN employees are working very crazy which can reach to 100,000,000 sales volume every year. This year, the oil price is very low, GN Solids Control’s global business is largely effective as well, but due to some market are still keep drilling, GN Solids Control is sell better than before. In Middle East and Africa as well as Russia, GN Solids Control provided more solids control and drilling waste management equipments those drilling companies, as many companies are trying to find the most cost effective manufacturer in China. From some degree, you could even say it is a advantage for GN Solids Control to develop global market.
There is a saying: you cannot always work without play. GN employees finally found a chance and took a breeze for a long time hard working since the beginning of this year. Some employees went out for outward bound in Beijing Great Wall.

160526 GN Outdoor Training 7
GN employees enjoyed great sightseeing over there; some interesting activities were also designed to strengthen the cooperation inside. We were divided into two teams for competition and cooperation. Each team designed its name, logo and slogan. It was a very interesting journey for GN employees. We all learned how to work together with the mutual trust and support. For all GN sales, they believe the cross projects should be paid attention with the help of different regions. 160526 GN Outdoor Training 8
GN Solids Control is devoted to provide the best quality solids control and drilling waste management equipments. All GN employees are also paid great attention as they are the most precious wealth for GN. With the fast development of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America and GN Solids Russia have also be opened to develop the global market. 160526 GN Outdoor Training 6

GN decanter centrifuge for no pit drilling

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge is widely used with regard to solids control and drilling waste management. And in earlier one year, it is used for absolutely no pit drilling more. Simply no pit drilling is brand-new policy for drilling spend management to better environmental security. After treated by GN decanter centrifuge and usable cuttings dryer, the moist drilling fluids can be considerably dryer and easy transportation.

GN Solids Control vertical cuttings dryer is widely used as well as solids control and drilling waste management. And in prior one year, it is used for absolutely no pit drilling more. Absolutely no pit drilling is fresh policy for drilling spend management to better environmental safety. After treated by GN decanter centrifuge and up and down cuttings dryer, the soaked drilling fluids can be very much dryer and easy transportation.

Aside from centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer, GN Solids Control is also providing other solids control equipment, items like shale shaker, shear pump, shaker screen, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifuge, solidification unit and so on

decanter centrifuge

GN Solidification unit is a machine which is used to remaining treat the water based mud drilling cuttings. The spend solids can become stale condition after blending with lime green, or other chemicals. GN Solids solidification unit is the same as Halliburton fixation unit which can be widely used in drilling waste management. For now, we have been tests the fixation unit with COSL, China largest out sourced drilling company jobsite. The actual performance is good. And we in addition have clients from Africa who have use our fixation product for Halliburton jobsite. The functional performance is also accepted. Usually, this unit will be used to get solids discharged from Excessive G dryer or solids discharged from vertical cuttings dryer.
GN Solids Control is also research thermal desorption unit which can be used to deal with the oil based cuttings, OOC can be below 0. 3%, recover the oil and also dry the cuttings. Right after final treatment, the solids become ash and can be made to bricks.

The Grant Opening of GN No.2 Factory

Although the oil price is pretty low, GN Solids Control has succeeded to get many purchase orders on solids control equipments and drilling waste management systems. Due to GN Solids Control is pretty busy in the past, GN Solids Control decided to invest and build another factory close to GN headquarters.
We’re very excited to announce the No. 2 factory has finished the building and most of those CNC machines are fixed. GN No.2 factory finally expected the grant opening day. With the equipments manufacturing of GN No. 2 factory, GN Solids Control is able to provide decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers and shaker screens in a short period.
GN Solids Control main equipments are largely upgraded from the establishment of GN year by year with the help of all those GN professional engineers. Due to the excellent working performance and strict manufacturing process, GN Solids Control is certified by many global certifications. GN Solids Control was the first Chinese manufacturer who awarded API certification on all series of solids control equipments includes shakers, decanter centrifuges, cuttings dryers, centrifuge pumps, desanders, desilters and mud cleaners etc.

With the wide usage of GN Solids Control equipments in over 60 countries, GN Solids Control opened two branch companies: one is GN Solids America located in Houston, TX and the other is GN Solids Russia located in Moscow, Russia. GN brand is getting to known by more and more companies around the world.
Now some professional workers are in GN No. 2 factory, they are working on manufacturing decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers over there. Hundreds of GN decanter centrifuges and cutting dryers are in stock. They can be delivered by mounting the motors and testing running which only takes about 7 days.
GN Solids Control has successfully provided many solids control equipments, hundreds of mud systems are also provided to global clients. Welcome to visit GN headquarters and GN no. 2 factory which is only 45 mins drive from Beijing airport.

GN Decanter Centrifuges In Stock

GN Solids Control is one of the world most significant decanter centrifuges manufacturers based in China. From the glorious commencing of GN Solids Control, GN is devoted to be a well known and respectable top company in the world.
With the quickly development, GN Solids Control has opened the Des moines branch company GN Solids America and Moscow department company GN Solids Spain. GN Solids Control is becoming to known by a growing number of energy companies locally in addition to globally.
GN Solids Control is especially good at manufacturing decanter centrifuges and cuttings electric drying machine, which can be used for recover barite, cut the mud bodyweight etc . Although the oil cost is drilling down with the complicated governmental or economical reasons, GN Solids Control get more and even more orders due to the advantages affordable characteristics.

Now GN Solids Control is ready to open an additional manufacturing plant which is close to GN headquarters. In order to provide a better guide time, GN Solids Control has manufactured some decanter centrifuges and get them looking forward to delivery in a short period.
The majority of GN decanter centrifuges usually are stocking in GN Number 2 factory. They can be shipped in a short period after put together the motors and thouroughly tested before leave factory.
GN Solids America LLC features a large warehouse in Des moines, TX. Many decanter centrifuges are in stock. GN gives several different models, such as 18 inch, 18 inch along with 22 inch rotating pan centrifuges.
GN has a couple of different models including premium variety and economic type in order to meet different clients’ demands. Right now GN has some large drilling companies are oil & natural gas service companies keeps obtaining from GN Solids Control. GN provides solids control and drilling waste management systems to global customers. Many large companies for instance Baker Hughes, Shell are usually buying from GN to get they OBM, SBM healing. Welcome to visit GN Freeport warehouse, GN professional technicians will show you around.

Decanter centrifuge used in construction industry

As a API certified solids control company in China, GN has enlarge it’s market from traditional market drilling waste of oil well to the other environmental protection field. Decanter centrifuge as a core product of GN, has developed to the 3rd generation, and has been exported to America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific countries etc.

How is decanter centrifuge used in construction industry?

We know that there will be always some waste water produced during piling, especially in some area, waste water is not allowed to discharge to sewer directly, and the mud water will be clean after some time by gravity separation, and the waste water can be transport by truck tank also. While both of this two solution will be take too much time or costly. Now there is one solution, separate solid by decanter centrifuge, after the drilling fluids is separated by decanter centrifuge, the fluids can be discharge to sewer directly, and there will be less solids to be transported by truck.


Normally, for construction industry, GN has design a compact mud cleaning system , it including the following:

  • GNZS706E-HBdouble deck shale shaker, with top deck for coarse solids separation, and bottom deck for fine solids separation
  •  High Speed decanter centrifuge for ultra-fine solids separation.

Decanter centrifuge used in UK


Mean while decanter centrifuge is also widely used on many area:

Nowadays the environmental problem is getting serious and GN as a leading factory who is focusing on solids control machinery, will continue to improve the our decanter centrifuge to make it easy maintenance and long life operation.