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Gas-Flow Meter Measurement Program

Accurate produced-gas measurement although drilling

Engineered to measure the volume of gas developed though drilling, the GN gas-flow meter measurement method is actually a step-change innovation assisting operators decrease the atmosphere influence of their operations, including the carbon footprint. Also to measuring flow although drilling, the gas-flow meter is usually utilised for reservoir characterization by detecting and monitoring nuisance gas through tight-gas/shale gas, underbalanced-drilling, or managed stress drilling operations. The gas-flow meter is suitable offshore or onshore and is particularly effective in shale gas plays. The ability to explore the application of GN gas meter gas is very powerful, already have their own patents.

Real-time flow measurement and composition analysis

The gas-flow meter installs directly into the flare line to supply real-time accurate gas flow measurement and composition analysis. It has no moving parts, requires small or no upkeep and requires no personnel to operate when it really is installed. The gas-flow meter operates using a higher degree of accuracy in dirty or wet situations, and it will not protrude into the flare line or obstruct it in any way.


Detection capability for modest gas quantities

Standard desander designed for drilling operations lack the accuracy or reliability to detect modest quantities of gas, especially detrimental when drilling tight-gas formations. The gas-flowmeter offers the capability to accurately detect and quantify even the smallest gas flows down to 0.1 ft/sec.

Extremely accurate measurement technologies

Very precise ultrasonic gas-flow measurement technologies, combined having a precision stress and temperature sensing transducer, measure gas-flow velocity, temperature and stress to determine actual and regular volumetric flow, as well as mass flow rates. Data sent for the Drilling Rig Data Acquisition System enables direct communications with any capture device such as a data logger program, laptop, or hardwired or wireless memory stick.

Decrease environmental influence and reduce expenses

The gas-flow meter helps lower charges by quantifying the true production possible of formations whilst drilling underbalanced. Real-time reservoir information improves the decision-making course of action and potentially reduces overall exploration and improvement expenses. The   gas-flow meter makes it possible for operators to superior quantify and lower their all round environmental effect and carbon footprint. There are more on the GN’s official website describes the data and methods of measurement of gas flow meters, and look forward to your attention.

Gn PRO Shale Shaker

Explore everywhere,The brand new generation shale shaker combines balanced and gressive elliptical motion, enabling operators to change motion “quickly” as drilling conditions change. Having a simple switch of the switch, the shale shaker changes in the balanced elliptical to the gressive elliptical motion with no need to suspend or shut lower procedures.

Operators can alter the kind of motion needed either to handle high volume orduce dryer clippings, as drilling conditions dictate. Using the shale shaker, nonproductive time lost to altering out shakers to satisfy drilling conditions is no more an problem.

Balanced elliptical motion handles high volume solids

Effective to find the best-hole sections with heavy, high volume solids, the balanced elliptical motion vides 7.5 Gs of pressure to rapidly move high volumes of solids over the screens. The motion increases conveyance rates and shaker fluid capacity while enabling the shaker to cess heavier solids.

Progressive elliptical duces dryer clippings

The gentler action of the gressive elliptical motion works well once the clippings volume is reduced, such as with lower sections, and operators desire a longer drying out here we are at the clippings. The G-pressure is reduced to six.5 Gs to optimize drilling fluid recovery and duce dryer clippings. The efficiency of the motion enables for greater processing rates while growing clippings dryness to reduce haul off costs.

Composite screens vide longer existence and greater screen area

The mud agitator is made to use the gn america high-capacity composite screens that vide a substantial rise in fluid capacity in addition to excellent potential to deal with blinding viding dryer solids discharge along with a bigger internet functional screen area.

Multiple shakers mix to multiply results

As much as four shale shakers could be pre-aligned in the factory and mounted on one skid to permit simpler rig moves, needing just one lift. Dual and trip models may use a typical possum belly and can include integral feeder slide gates to balance flow or divert it one shaker.

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GN USA company’s solids control equipment

USA Solids Control system of GN america company  is for on-site treatment and removal of waste water-based mud slurry ultrafine solid development of skid-mounted physico-chemical treatment systems. 10 µg of mechanical separation of slurry separation of solid particles is very difficult, especially for about 2 μg of colloidal particles (low specific gravity solid-phase) can do about it. Whether on land or at sea, in waste management operations, treatment of waste mud face two issues: one is to reduce the volume of waste and subsequent processing costs, the other a recovery based liquid to achieve recycling. USA Solids Control system is necessary. Chemical treatment methods can make solid-free (clarification) water recovery from failure of drilling fluids, isolate and low rate of liquid-solid phase for further processing, these solid-state weight and volume than the original expiration of the mud becomes negligible, transfer and further processing costs are also much lower. In environmentally sensitive and water-poor regions in drilling operations, use of slurry dewatering system will bring about many benefits, and regulatory and economic considerations are almost essential.


The solids Control system for colloids or close to the colloidal particles, and factors that contributed to the solid phase precipitation is far from overcoming fluid relative to its suspension. Chemical treatment methods can change characteristics of mud, so that most of the suspended particles can be separated  by mechanical methods. Centrifuge feed stream of appropriate chemical (flocculation and other reagents) enables colloidal particles aggregation formation of floccules, resulting in slow precipitation under the action of gravity or centrifugal force. This principle has been widely applied in sewage treatment and other practice, but the nature of the solid-liquid system of mud and sewage are very different and, therefore, chemical reagents selection and isolation of structures are very different.

Drilling fluid solids control system is an important part of modern drilling. Drilling fluid solids control system is to ensure that the normal circulation of drilling mud in the process of drilling and stable performance of the important equipment, drilling fluid solids control The solid control system The solid control system System is mainly composed of mud tank, vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, desanding cleaner, silt cleaner, mixer, centrifuger, the funnel of mud gun, mixed, the sand pump, mud agitator, increase the pump, shear pumps, etc. All levels of solids control equipment. Production, workover, drilling mud solid control system. Especially the workover rig with solid control system, developed by crown to solid control, substantial and durable, unique anti-corrosion technology, very suitable for workover treatment of actual production.

Benefit of drilling waste management with regard to Auger Rig

Fundamental building associated with drilling waste management  for that Auger rig

The united states Auger drilling rig is extremely well-known worldwide, a brand new Zealand customer purchased a good Auger drilling rig through The united states as well as select GNdrilling  waste  management  program in order to work. Since the best  drilling waste management  may select best dirt program along with numerous particulars unique ask for to suit their own requirement of fast paced.

drilling waste management-7

1. two models GNPS703 BEM shale shaker along with 660GPM capability every

two. 1 arranged GNPJ703 BEM dirt solution along with 1000GPM capability

3. two arranged 55KW centrifugal pump motor with regard to giving cones

four. two arranged 55KW combining pump motor along with dirt hoppers

5. 1 arranged 55KW shear pump motor along with dirt hopper

6. Dirt Agitators as well as dirt weapons upon dirt container

1. Every container along with containner stage that simple with regard to fast paced

two. two shaker as well as 1 dirt solution upon 1 skid with regard to fast paced

3. Dirt agitators along with other gear will remain upon container with regard to fast paced

four. Pathway as well as handrail foled upon container with regard to fast paced

5. Pick the BEM shaker with regard to much better overall performance

6. More than 130 nos carry kind control device can be used with this drilling waste management  with regard to handy manage.

7. Much more complecated pipeline agreement with regard to simple procedure

8. Various associated with container area with regard to combining various dirt or even materials

GN Solids Manage offers exported in order to a lot more than forty eight nations such as Brand new Zealand the industry excellent marketplace with regard to marketplace. Essential oil Drilling, HARD DISK DRIVE, CBM as well as slurry splitting up drilling waste management  would be the 3 devisions associated with GN Solids Manage, Make sure you contact  GN readily with regard to inqury!more information  about us  click  the  website.